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MAPFRE invests in AI-supported multichannel customer service.

88% of bot accesses came from WhatsApp

28% reduction in bot to human transfer rate

55% reduction in time spent to open an assistance request via chatbot compared to human assistance

With Zenvia, the insurer reduced by up to 55% the time spent by its customer to request assistance service through the digital channel, compared to the phone.

The Case

With the goal of offering an even more connected and satisfactory experience to consumers, MAPFRE, one of the largest companies in the insurance and financial market worldwide, identified the importance of digitizing its customer service and assistance operation. Aiming to increase operation efficiency and provide excellent service to policyholders, the company chose Zenvia for this important mission.

Keeping up with the latest trends in customer experience, new digital service journeys and chatbots fully integrated with artificial intelligence were created. For claims-related requests (events covered by insurance, such as accidents), for example, MAPFRE’s car insurance policyholder can expedite the process and make contact directly via the digital channel.

This way, the requester can save time, having their request attended to as quickly as possible and without losing quality in the contact. According to the insurer’s NPS survey, the rating given to Zenvia’s chatbot approached that of human contact, indicating satisfaction with the process. On MAPFRE’s side, to mitigate errors and always ensure that the best response is offered, extensive curation and training of the solution are done.

For updating the status of open car insurance claim requests, the company also implemented a journey of automated communications that streamline the process for both sides. Thus, the company can, via WhatsApp, bring information about case updates, request a missing document, or even direct it to the repair shop that will fix the vehicle.

“The agile service provided by MAPFRE’s digital channels represents an important change in how customers and policyholders experience the insurance sector. The ability to access information, make requests, and trigger assistance quickly and conveniently, anytime and anywhere, transforms the user experience. Agility not only saves time but also reduces the anxiety and stress that often accompany claims situations or the need for support. MAPFRE understands that, from the customer’s perspective, agile service through digital channels is a demonstration of the commitment to making the world of insurance more accessible, transparent, and tailored to individual needs.” said Patrícia Rossi, Director of Shared Services, Processes, and Automation at MAPFRE.

The result of including multichannel for assistance requests, in the first half of 2023, through the Zenvia solution, was considerable. Compared to the phone, the customer saves 55% of the time to open an assistance request through the digital channel. Additionally, in the case of the car claims journey chatbot, around 85% of consumers responded that the self-service journey was satisfactory. Altogether, in the first half of 2023, 88% of bot accesses came directly from WhatsApp.

Significant gains for MAPFRE’s operation with Zenvia

For MAPFRE’s internal operation, the improvements also had an important impact. With the digitization of the service process, customers can resolve simpler cases autonomously with the help of the AI-supported chatbot. This allows the support team to focus on more tactical and strategic tasks, as well as more complex cases that require human contact, making the entire operation more efficient and profitable.

As a result, the insurer recorded a 28% reduction in bot to human transfer rate. On the insurance brokers’ side, contacts via WhatsApp already represent 1/5 of the total quantity, which is also an important efficiency tool for professionals.

Luca Bazuro, Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) of Zenvia, celebrated the success of Zenvia’s implementations at the insurer. “Here at Zenvia, we always emphasize the importance of promoting a smooth and connected experience with innovation. In partnership with MAPFRE, we were able to evolve artificial intelligence across various channels to positively impact the entire customer journey of the insurer. We are very pleased with the results achieved!”

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