What is Zenvia?

We are a Customer Experience company

Zenvia enables companies to create personal, engaging and fluid experiences for their customers

In 2003, in the garage of a house in the Auxiliadora neighborhood in Porto Alegre, Cassio Bobsin took his first steps with Zenvia. As an entrepreneur, I identified a future and latent demand for conversation/communication channels between customers and companies, as if they were people.

Today, Zenvia has a unified, multichannel solution that allows your company to manage and provide personal, engaging and fluid experiences through interactions throughout the entire customer journey, from attraction, conversion, service to consumer success.

At Mundo Zenvia, we believe that technological evolution combined with human experience is capable of unifying communication, across different relationship channels, creating a complete and centralized experience.

Platform that empowers companies to create unique experiences for their end customers

Our numbers

During our trajectory, we acquired companies such as Sirena, D1|Smarkio, Sensedata and Movidesk, contributing to the purpose of bringing companies the best communication experiences for their customers and also expanding the company internationally.

In 2021, Zenvia was the first SaaS company in Latin America to go public on Nasdaq, in New York  – the second largest stock exchange in the world.



20 years

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Brazil and LATAM


As Humans, we are enchanted by technological innovations because they allow us to explore our territory in new and unexpected ways. Now, as Humanz, we believe that human evolution must happen in combination with technological evolution.

We are encouraged to create a new reality of relationships and communications in a world of creative expression with unlimited possibilities. We live in an open-access, experimental and hyper-connected environment with the freedom to express different identities and the ability to undertake collaborative and creative endeavors.

Our essence was transcribed into beliefs, which define how we will shape our organization and constantly impact people’s experiences. They are lived our way, our way of being on a daily basis.

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