Communication became a complex task for business, even more with all the possibilities of the digital area. This is why one of our main objectives here at Zenvia is to drive our customers for success by making sure we solve their challenges and evolve their business.

Zenvia is the CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service) market leader in Latin America with solutions as SMS, RCS, Voice, Whatsapp, and Chatbots. It is already proven that brands that are in multiple channels improve the user experience and increase their results, so we deliver the best solution to our customers.

It could seem more complicated than it is, so here’s how we simplify the world: Do you know when you authenticate an app using an SMS code? This is us. Or when you have a chat with a support channel in Messenger or a website? Also us. Have you ever changed the invoice payment date over a chatbot? Yup, you’re right, us again.

So after all, we impact daily the life of a huge amount of people. Interesting, right?


Throughout these 17 years, Zenvia raised over U$54 million with investors, acquired 7+ companies, and is made of almost 500 employees (you can call us Zenvinhes) that are spread in 12 different countries

Zenvia was elected by the Great Place to Work 2020 as one of the best companies in the technology sector in Brazil. Also, we were named as one of the top 1K Brazilian companies by IstoÉ Dinheiro, an important Brazilian business magazine.

Last year we started our international expansion and today we are already empowering over 9 thousand companies in Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico, that are being able to simplify customers' experience.

Our journey is just beginning and we’ve decided we want to GO BIG. Go Z!


We believe in a more free future, in which people can have the liberty to work wherever they are, to contribute in their own way, and be happy. Just as simple as that!

Zenvia Anywhere was created with the mission of rethinking the way we work, based on trends and researches about the future, in which remote work is the highlight. We want to break the geographical barriers and the walls of the offices to immerse ourselves in the future of work, building an increasingly strong organization. We count on our amazing team to build that future together.

Zenvia is not at any specific place, Zenvia is where everyone is!


Zenvia is growing fast, we are always looking for multipliers that bring new perspectives to work while partnering with different teams. We are seeking enthusiastic people who are willing to be part of this huge digital transformation.

Loved it? We bet! Join our rocket, after all, it has no reverse :)

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