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About this Code and its objectives

ZENVIA has a strong and diverse culture that defines who we are. We have the courage to dream big, to break barriers, to invest in innovation and, above all, to trust in people’s potential. Everything we do revolves around one purpose: to shape a new world of experiences. To achieve this purpose, we guide our actions by five fundamental beliefs:

We believe that ethical conduct, respecting co-workers and all people involved in ZENVIA’s business, is essential to realizing these beliefs and our way of being, to their full potential. In this sense, our culture program (which you can find, in full, at this link) contains, among other policies, this Zenvia Code of Ethics and Conduct.

The objectives of this Code are:

CEO MESSAGE | Cassio Bobsin

With each passing day, we are more connected to our purpose of shaping a new world of experiences. Bringing people and brands closer together, creating new forms of connection between them, is the mission that drives us daily.

The responsibility for this great mission is shared among all of us, especially because, at ZENVIA, as important as what we do is how we do it. We act guided by our BELIEFS and our WAY, experiencing our culture daily in our work, in our relationships with other HUMANZ and with the various external parties with whom we routinely interact.

We translate, into this Code of Ethics and Conduct, the set of rules and guidelines that will help us strengthen our relationships between HUMANZ and our customers, partners, suppliers, shareholders, governments and society, among other stakeholders.

Due to our IPO, in July 2021, some rules and provisions of the previous Code were slightly modified or updated, to reflect the corporate policies we adopted at the time of the IPO. The spirit and purpose of the Code, however, remain the same: assisting us in the countless decisions we make daily, ensuring compliance with our guidelines, the alignment of good practices and attitudes in the way we relate to all audiences. This Code seeks to be a source of guidance, and should be consulted whenever we have any doubts about how to position ourselves in potentially difficult situations.

We believe that our ethical conduct, summarized in this Code, strengthens our culture, which underpins our people management processes and business, and contributes to the sustainability and growth of our company, in addition to consolidating ZENVIA’s reputation and brand. In the following pages, you will learn about our position and the conduct expected from HUMANZ in relation to various relevant subjects and issues. We fully trust in the ability of each HUMANZ to respect the guidelines described here.

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Cassio Bobsin, CEO

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