Plural Saúde Doubles its Client Portfolio With Sales Through WhatsApp.


increase in customer conversion since Zenvia Conversion implementation.


gain in customer portfolio during the period.

The Case

Digitizing the commercial area’s service was a challenge for Plural Saúde, a company that sells collective health plans by subscription and corporate. That was until they decided to trust technology to make a change in their operation.

What Plural did was to include in the routine of sellers a software capable of managing sales through WhatsApp, one of the communication channels with the most active users in Brazil, using Zenvia’s technology.

With the solution personalized for its business, Plural made customer service more agile, increasing conversion by 30% and expanding sales in all regions served.

The project was developed even before the pandemic, in early 2020, due to Plural’s need to modernize the sales process. The growth of WhatsApp usage motivated the company to seek tools that could manage service on a large scale, facilitating the organization of the sales team and the flow with customers and prospects.

“Among so many market options, we chose the one that had an easy interface, understandable by the commercial team, not necessarily by IT technicians. In addition to the friendly layout, it could be customized to meet our needs, providing the metrics we needed. Another aspect is that the platform provided the mobile version, where our brokers could serve both in person and remotely,” explains Fabio Lapolli, Marketing Head of Plural.

In one year, the company doubled its customer portfolio and showed that the team was on the right path to brand consolidation, making it more competitive in the market. “Before adopting the solution, we even lost a client due to response time. Today, the sale is quick. But for that, it is essential to be on the channel that the customer wants, when he desires, and to serve promptly. With Zenvia Conversion, we can do all of this. The tool also brought automation, facilitating lead qualification, which was important for persona definition and grouping of customer information, improving the service flow and their experience,” says Lapolli.

With 15 branches spread across Brazil, Plural managed to improve contact distribution among regions, which also contributed to the increase in conversion. “If the Rio team, for example, serves a Manaus client, the conversion rate goes way down. But by adjusting the flow distribution, this does not happen,” says the executive. He adds that the company’s intention is, increasingly, to automate this process until the customer can meet their needs through WhatsApp, by robot, without speaking directly to a broker. Today, customers who activate the channel can request a second copy of the ticket, Income Tax statement, card number, among other services.


Digitize the commercial area’s service and meet the growing demand on digital channels like WhatsApp.


To do this, the company used Zenvia Conversion to:

  • Digitalize the sales routines’ activities allowing sales management through WhatsApp;
  • Automate repetitive routines;
  • Qualify leads more easily;
  • Group customer information in one place;
  • Create a self-service system through chatbot;
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