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Discover Zenvia Customer Cloud and all the solution concepts.

What is Zenvia Customer Cloud?

It is a unified, multichannel solution that centralizes and stores customer data, facilitating management, communication, and relationship building with consumers. It enables companies to manage and provide personalized, engaging, and seamless experiences through interactions throughout the customer journey. Stand out in the market, ensuring success and satisfaction in a simplified and intelligent way.

With it, you can:

  • – Convert new customers and increase sales;
  • – Attract qualified leads;
  • – Assist and support customers;
  • – Centralize customer service and management;
  • – Increase productivity.

What is Zenvia Customer Cloud?

It is the plan of Zenvia Customer Cloud, which offers complete access to solution features such as messaging and customer interaction, contact management, productivity enhancement features, data governance and access, automation creation, and everything that enables the construction of a journey from attraction to post-sale.

What is a channel package?

It is the enabler for using different channels available in Zenvia Customer Cloud for communication with customers via mass messaging, with volumes tied to the session value of each channel.

What channels does Zenvia offer?

By contracting a channel package, you will have access to a wide variety such as SMS, WhatsApp, RCS, Email, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Message, Webchat, and Push.

What is a user?

It refers to the number of licenses or “seats” available in the software plan that allows a certain number of users to access and use the service simultaneously. Each “seat” represents authorization for one person or user to access the solution.

Whats is Interactionz?

Interactionz is the name given to interaction credits that occur within the Zenvia Customer Cloud software plan.

When is an Interactionz counted?

  • – Whenever the company initiates a conversation, whether or not there is interaction from your customer (without using mass messaging).
  • – Whenever the customer initiates contact with the company on any of its channels.
  • – Mass messages without customer feedback do not count as Interactionz.

What are the conditions of Interactionz?

An Interactionz lasts for 24 hours, starting from the moment of its opening, and can be initiated by the company or the customer. If the interaction exceeds the 24-hour window, a new Interactionz will be debited, renewing the 24-hour session. Interactions within the same 24-hour period are counted only once.

Some examples:

The company sends a mass message without the need for customer interaction. There is no charge for Interactionz.

When a customer responds to a mass message and is transferred to human assistance or a chatbot, an Interactionz is debited.

When a company contacts a customer from its contact list (without the need for mass messaging), an Interactionz is debited.

When a customer contacts the company through one of the conversational channels (WhatsApp, webchat, Instagram, Facebook Messenger), an Interactionz is debited.

When a customer contacts the company and the interaction extends beyond 24 hours, an Interactionz is debited for each 24-hour period with an active conversation.

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