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Mitre: enhanced governance and organization of tickets with Zenvia.


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The Case

Mitre is a real estate developer and builder with over 55 years of experience in the market and over 8,400 units launched. The company operates in three business segments: Mitre Realty, Mitre Share, and Mitre Agro.

With its accelerated growth, internal demands, especially for IT and Support teams, became increasingly difficult to meet with small teams. The support tool they used no longer met the size and complexity of the operation. So, the company identified the need to have more organized processes and greater governance to build and evolve a team practically from scratch.

With this challenge in hand, Aline Pontes, IT and Infrastructure manager, and Daniel Rogério, Head of Digital, made the decision to invest in Zenvia to restructure the entire internal support and ticketing process for the IT and Support areas.


To build the entire support and user service chain, from structuring calls and SLAs to satisfaction surveys and reports. Additionally, create ways to quantify and measure operational needs, eliminating customer dissatisfaction.


Zenvia was implemented after a 7-day trial.

  • Structured the support processes in the IT area
  • Expanded platform usage to Marketing and Facilities areas, making the demand request process simpler
  • Created and monitored parameterized and configured indicators according to operational needs
  • Managed all support calls
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