How the WhatsApp Zendesk Integration Works

Pros and cons of the Zendesk WhatsApp integration.

If you’re looking to move from a simple contact form to more fluid communication with your customers, we’ll explain what Zendesk has to offer.
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What is Zendesk?

Zendesk is a customer service platform that can help you with the API integration of your platforms with digital messaging services like WeChat or the well-known WhatsApp so that all your customer communication can be centralized in one place.

What can my business use Zendesk for?

When you implement Zendesk at your business, your teams can connect to a signle platform where they will receive all customer contact.

Customers can contact you using their favorite channel (WhatsApp, Twitter, WeChat, etc.) to start their interaction with your business.

This way all the members of your team can be in the loop  in real time about open tickets.

Why should you use Zendesk integrated with WhatsApp?

Recently, Zendesk has added WhatsApp as one of the platforms they can integrate with via API. This has allowed them to add one of the most important channels for communicating with the public.

At the same time,  the integration of the channels will allow you to offer more personalized, fluid communication with your customers, making customer service smoother and creating a unified channel for your business.

What are the disadvantages of Zendesk?

Although in principle Zendesk can help you communicate with customers via WhatsApp, there are several important things this service does not do. Below you can find a list of the most significant disadvantages:

Centralized communication can be too centralized

Not having a private inbox for each sales associate can make distributing work throughout the team more complicated and at the end of the day this can cost you sales.

The lack of individual inboxes means that any employee can access messages sent from the sales department, which means important information can be misplaced.

Chat but no chatbot

If you’re looking for optimization and efficiency, you can’t skip implementing a  chatbot. Unfortunately, Zendesk does not offer this service for their products.

You’ll have to contact your customers individually

To be able to send a mass message to your contact database, you would have to take some extra steps and look for a separate mass messaging service integration that you’ll have to pay for and configure.

Zendesk also doesn’t offer automatic messages. This can be a serious threat to the principles of good User Experience, since customer won’t know anything about the status of their inquiries  until someone takes the time to respond manually. This is a key point in the e-commerce and retail industries.

Is it possible to find everything you need in one platform?

In reality, the best you can do is find a platform that provides as many of the services you need as possible, whether that’s API integration with WhatsApp Business or mass automatic messages to keep your clients informed.

Zendesk could help you with the WhatsApp Business integration and pulling your company’s various channels into one location, but as you have seen in the section above, there are multiple areas where it falls short in terms of optimizing efficiency  and procedures at your workplace.

Sirena fills in all the gaps that Zendesk doesn’t cover, all in one platform. In contrast with a 14-day implementation time for Zendesk, Sirena takes just two days.

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