Petlove bets on digitalization of customer service to improve customer experience

Using the Zenvia platform, Petlove has been able to reduce its service time, even with growing demand.

With a rapidly growing customer base, structuring digital and telephone customer service became a challenge for Petlove, a São Paulo-based digital platform for products and services for the pet market. Particularly in the pet health insurance area, centralizing the service operation on a single platform became increasingly necessary.

Thus, the company chose Zenvia’s experience platform to initially centralize all its customer telephone numbers into a single area, making it easier to access for Petlove’s staff, who now had a complete overview and record of all contacts. Eventually, with the need to digitize its service and offer a more agile structure, Petlove also adopted WhatsApp as its main channel.

One of the metrics most important to Petlove was the average response time to the customer. For the Petlove team, it was essential that their customers didn’t wait long to have their questions or requests resolved. With the support of the Zenvia platform, efforts to improve this parameter were a success, reducing the average time to less than 30 seconds.

“We’ve always wanted to serve our customers well by solving their problems in a humane and efficient way. Our business requires an agile service, because we are dealing with something very important which is the health of pets and in some cases we need to act very quickly, so Zenvia helps us to carry out this activity very efficiently,” said Murillo Trauer, director of Petlove.

As a result of the optimizations in the digital channels, customer adoption has also increased. Compared to the period before the solution was implemented, Petlove saw a 220% increase in monthly active calls and a 90% increase in inbound calls. To meet the growing demand, Petlove increased the number of internal users on the platform by 300%.

“Brazilians are very fond of WhatsApp service, a channel that has caught on with everyone.  Therefore, bringing a service on this channel makes the relationship with our customers closer and more convenient,” said Murillo. 

Optimizations in operation

In addition to customer service, Petlove has seen important benefits in its pet health insurance operation by centralizing its contacts on Zenvia’s experience platform. One key advantage is the possibility of having access to personalized dashboards on all active and passive contacts made by the team. With this, the Petlove team can have even more information about what can be improved and what is working.

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