Via increases customer retention by digitizing its customer service operation

VIA used Zenvia’s platform to meet the growing demand caused by the pandemic and optimize existing processes

The pandemic period that began in 2020, caused companies of all segments and sizes to review their customer experience processes. Suddenly, digital customer service became even more important and in demand. For VIA, the holding company of some of the main Brazilian retail brands such as Casas Bahia, Ponto Frio and, this was no different.

At the time, the significant increase in digital customer service calls prompted the company to seek new ways to innovate and further digitalize its consumer journey.  One of the key solutions was to use Zenvia’s customer experience platform to implement chatbots into contact channels.

“We had a chaotic scenario, which was the pandemic, where our service volumes tripled and we didn’t have enough automation to meet that demand. It was at that moment that we saw that we needed a solution, a more assertive preventive communication with bots, because most of our service was over the phone,” explained Fabricia Ruiz Braga, Customer Service Project Manager at VIA.

With Zenvia’s help, VIA reformulated the entire customer journey and began to enable problems to be resolved in a preventive way, bringing as much information as possible from the first automated contact. “The customer who called already had a pain point. Today, we are able to warn of a strike, a problem, a need to extend a delivery date ahead of time,” says Fabricia.

The result of this was a drastic change in the consumer experience of VIA and its brands, proved in satisfaction surveys. “Today, 50% of our volume is digital. We were able to come out of a very chaotic scenario to change the customer experience. When we do a satisfaction survey with our consumers, we realize that those who are served by digital channels bring a 28% higher score than those who are served by ‘humans’. It was a very cool experience that brought great satisfaction,” says the manager.

The role of the Zenvia platform

Today, what appeared as a great need brought on by the pandemic, has become a great gain for VIA and its customers. Using Zenvia’s customer experience platform, the company recorded improvements of more than 27% in customer retention through the chatbot.

According to Fabrícia, this is due to the elimination of friction points and loss of time by the customer in the company’s channels. “Zenvia helped us in this very construction. We had a pain to understand what was the best channel for the customer, what was the best way to communicate, what were the most popular journeys, how to automate the main questions. For example: ‘what is my delivery date?’, the bot can answer this for the client. So Zenvia has helped cut through the red tape, personalize, and offer a better experience for the customer.”

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