Imóveis Crédito Real uses Zenvia’s platform to optimize customer self-service and increase results

After the implementation of Zenvia’s platform, Credito Real has almost 30% of its contracts signed in 2023 coming from WhatsApp leads.

The challenge of keeping up with new trends has forced the real estate sector to continuously adapt to changing consumer demands.  Processes that once depended entirely on humans have become increasingly digital and automated. Today, clients are looking for ways to resolve their issues and even complete an entire rental process digitally and autonomously. 

It was with this in mind that Imóveis Crédito Real, a pioneer in the real estate segment that has operated in the Brazilian market for over 90 years, chose Zenvia’s experience platform to optimize and automate its WhatsApp service. Motivated by the growing demand for digitized services caused by the pandemic, the real estate company wanted to increase the responsiveness of its channels, as well as having a complete record of all contacts integrated with its CRM, something that was previously impossible.

With the support of the Zenvia team, more than 14 chatbot journeys were created to meet demands such as: rentals, scheduling, notices and evaluation of visits, property proposals, transmitting documentation, duplicate bills, maintenance and more.

“Today we’ve managed to design a journey in which the client can get to the point of sending the rental documentation on their own. Our potential clients tell both of us what they’re looking for, whether it’s the neighborhood or the city, and they can even schedule a visit directly via WhatsApp,” said Priscila Santos, Project Manager at Imóveis Crédito Real.

Over time, the implementation of these technologies has made the channel even more important for the company’s results. According to Imóveis Crédito Real, in 2023 almost 30% of contracts signed will come from WhatsApp leads, a figure that can now be identified thanks to Zenvia. In addition, in July 2023, more than 139,000 messages sent and received by clients were recorded on this channel.

The Zenvia difference

For Priscila, what caught her attention on the Zenvia platform was the ability to customize and adapt it to the specific needs of the real estate sector. “For Imóveis Crédito Real, it was essential to have a partner who understood our needs. Zenvia was able to join the flow we designed and we were able to solve everything possible to speed up our client’s service,” he added.

In addition, for Imóveis Crédito Real, it was essential that the customer experience remained humanized. That’s why the option of transferring the service from chatbot to human, when necessary, was another important differentiator. “We saw that there are many tools in the market that are very robotic and don’t make it possible to transfer to a human service. With Zenvia, we saw that we would have the advantage of connecting human service with the chat, giving the customer both options,” said the Priscila.

The partnership between Zenvia and Imóveis Crédito Real was established with the support of New Byte, the software house offering customer service automation services, which was responsible for helping the real estate company implement Zenvia’s platform. “With the support and trust of the team at Imóveis Crédito Real, we were able to streamline and improve the customer service process, providing quick and accurate answers to customer queries, making the operation scalable. We are grateful to be able to contribute to the growth and continued success of Imóveis Crédito Real in a project that has generated such positive results,” said Arthur Bueno Stein, co-founder of New Byte.

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Luan Fazio