Developer and construction company Mitre increases internal customer satisfaction by restructuring processes with Zenvia’s platform

The company used Zenvia’s platform to restructure the entire internal call handling process for its IT and Support areas.

Mitre Realty, a real estate developer and construction company with over 55 years of experience in the market, has seen its internal demands, especially for IT and Support teams, become ever greater as the company grows. The service tool they were previously using was no longer able to handle the size and complexity of the operation. Thus, the company identified the need for more organized processes and greater governance in order to be able to build and evolve a team from scratch.

It was with this challenge in mind that Aline Pontes, IT Infrastructure and Governance Manager, and Danilo Rogério, IT Manager, made the decision to invest in Zenvia’s Experience Platform using the Zenvia Service/Movidesk service solution to restructure the entire internal call handling process for the company’s IT and Support areas.

Mitre Realty’s challenge

Mitre Realty’s biggest challenge was to build the entire user support and service chain, from structuring calls and SLAs to satisfaction surveys and reports. In addition, the company wanted to create ways to quantify and measure the needs of the operation, eliminating customer dissatisfaction.

According to Danilo, until the implementation of Zenvia’s platform, there was no way of measuring and analyzing which areas demanded the most attention and what the total volume of calls was. This resulted in an inability to understand the efforts required to structure a team that can adequately handle the number of calls.

The solution adopted

Zenvia Service was implemented after a 7-day trial in which Aline highlights the performance of Mitre Realty’s team of specialists. “We tested it for 7 days and then implemented it. The staff gave us full assistance, configuring the tool with me and providing training. When we put it into operation, it completely met our expectations. Today Zenvia is our main internal customer service platform. We’ve been using it since 2019 and have no intention of changing.”

The first department to start using the platform was IT, which was facing an increase in demands and difficulties in managing service and needed to organize these processes. Today, the company has indicators parameterized and configured according to the needs of the operation and uses almost all of the solution’s features, including ticket management, SLA, incident management, service desk, satisfaction survey, reports, integration with Power BI, knowledge base, configured workflows and much more.

Over time, the People & Management and Facilities areas also began using Zenvia Service to organize requests from other areas, making the process even more structured.

The results

After more than three years of partnership, and expansion of the Zenvia platform to two additional teams, Mitre Realty has made great progress in the management of internal demands and governance as a whole. This has also resulted in a significant improvement in internal customer satisfaction, reaching an average of 98% in the company’s NPS (net promoter score). 

“Today, at Mitre, absolutely nothing is done without a ticket, be it for moving equipment, personnel, services, software… Everything becomes a ticket,” said Danilo.

Aline also highlights an increase in engagement with the satisfaction survey since Zenvia Service was implemented. Before, she says, few customers responded. Today, on the other hand, the response rate has reached 100%.

“The satisfaction survey has worked very well here. The tool we had before didn’t work and nobody responded. Maybe it’s because the Zenvia Service survey is very interactive and easy to use,” said Aline.

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