New Feature: Sirena Adds an Instagram Messages Integration

We’ve added an Instagram Messages integration! Learn how this new feature will help your business.

Sirena has added Instagram Messages as a new communication channel where you can receive and respond to messages sent via Instagram. Learn about the benefits of using this new feature.

Why did we launch the Sirena Instagram Messages integration?

There are an ever-increasing number of communication channels that businesses need to include to reach their clients. However, without a platform where you can centralize all those messages, you can end up with a disorganized system, split conversations, and misunderstandings between your sales and customer service teams.

Sirena now allows you to see, compare, and respond to WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram messages in one single location.

The integration with Instagram Messages had been one of the most-requested features from clients for a long time. This is because Instagram is a key channel for discovery strategies for finding new businesses, segments, and so on.

In other words, depending on your audience and business, Instagram is the way many people will find out about your business. This makes it a vital communication channel, meaning it is important to have the right tools to respond to messages from potential leads.

Main feature of the Sirena integration with Instagram Messages

The growing need  to communicate using the platform that is most popular for millennials creates a challenge for businesses: how to manage conversations with clients most efficiently?

To respond to this high-priority client need, Sirena developed a way to integrate Instagram Messages with the Sirena platform where you can already answer messages from WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Among the main features the integration offers, you’ll find:

  • Centralized communication: you can receive all Instagram messages in Sirena, then various team members can respond. This means you can answer more messages in less time. To start communicating, the business must first receive a message from the potential client.
  • Self-service: this means that you can simply go to the conversation in the Channels section of the Sirena app and add other channels yourself, reducing response times.
  • Manage multiple Instagram accounts in one single location: the Pro version allows you to use one team to respond to messages sent to multiple Instagram accounts. This is especially useful for business that have accounts specifically dedicated to individual products.
  • Sirena Bots: you’ll also have the option to use Sirena Bots, which can answer clients at any time, give an initial greeting and guide people through the purchasing process, even allocating them to the correct agent depending on their needs.
  • You’ll also get automatically-generated reports that measure your teams’ activity, whether you’re interested in response times or customer satisfaction levels.

With this feature, businesses can add value by adding automation tools, reports, and management tools to the Instagram platform,  just like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

This way, the same team will be able to respond to multiple channels using one tool. This reduces time wasted and mistakes in client communication by keeping all team members aligned in the same system.

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