How to Distribute Clients with a bot for WhatsApp

Learn how the lead-distribution feature of Zenvia Conversion’s chatbots can make your business stand out from the crowd.

The Zenvia Conversion bot can send a welcome message, distribute leads among your agents or groups, and assess the quality of your contacts.

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Consumption and purchasing habits have changed drastically.  According to Instapage, in 2020, 51% of purchasers expect their interactions with a company to be completely personalized, which means talking to the correct people.

We asked ourselves, how can we relieve these frustrations and provide businesses with a more personalized customer service option?

The answer doesn’t involve human interaction or time: with a chatbot that distributes leads/clients  among a business’s agents or departments.

That’s how we came to create the Zenvia Conversion bots, which perform three fundamental tasks:

  • Welcome message
  • Distribution to teams
  • Lead qualification

Today we’ll address the distribution of leads or clients among teams.

What can you do with lead distribution via Zenvia Conversion bots?

The lead distribution feature works like a call center.

When you call a business, a receptionist answers and asks you which department you’d like to speak with. You give them your answer and in seconds you get personalized attention from the most staff member most qualified to respond to your inquiry.

This is how, using the Zenvia Conversion bot, you can manage distribution  to various departments such as sales, support, and administration.

That way your potential clients will feel that they are receiving personalized attention at all times.

What can you do with the Zenvia Conversion bots lead distribution feature?

The majority of businesses who integrate a bot into their processes are hoping to achieve one of the following:

  • Generate more sales
  • Look for new potential clients
  • Provide support to their clients

When we talk about distributing leads, it’s not just about directing inquiries among the various departments of a company.

Requirements for using Zenvia Conversion bots

To use Zenvia Conversion bots, you’ll need:

  • A Zenvia Conversion Basic or Pro Plan
  • A WhatsApp Business account

What are the benefits of using Zenvia Conversion bots?

According to LeadSimple, there’s a five-minute window to qualify your leads.

If you don’t manage to contact the lead within that window, your probability of qualifying them decreases by 80%. Zenvia Conversion bots respond in a matter of seconds.

Use cases for distributing leads with Zenvia Conversion bots

For example, an e-commerce business could use the Zenvia Conversion bot to guide clients from their entry into the funnel through the sale. Once the process is complete, it can direct the contact to the shipping section so they can plan the delivery of the products they just bought.

Another example. You run a dental practice and your potential clients contact you to schedule an appointment. Once the bot greets them and asks them what they need, they can then be directed to your schedule to reserve a slot, all in record time.

This also applies to medical clinics, where potential patients need to be distributed among the various specialties, following a qualification process, so they can receive treatment.

For insurance companies, to give another example, it’s even simpler. Potential customers simply need to be transferred to agents or to customer service. However, where Zenvia Conversion bots truly shine is in post-sales service.

Clients can simply request that Zenvia Conversion’s distribution bot connects them with a support agent and, in seconds, they can be talking to one. No waiting or switching communication channels.

When it comes to client  support or customer services, Zenvia Conversion’s bot can automatically direct clients to the most appropriate agent so they have the most personalized experience possible.

In short, a bot gives any business the possibility to offer service to their clients 24/7 and in record time, two variables that work to improve positive brand image and bring new clients into the sales funnel.

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