How to Advertise in WhatsApp Business (2022)

Learn how to use WhatsApp Business to create ads and connect customers to your business.

Learn how to set up campaigns in WhatsApp Business with just a click and connect your brand to millions of users.


What is WhatsApp Business ?

WhatsApp Business is a WhatsApp platform that was developed specifically for small and mid-sized businesses.

More than 60 thousand messages are sent via WhatsApp every day. That’s why Facebook developed this version for businesses. Customers are on WhatsApp, so businesses should be there too.

WhatsApp has established itself as one of the mediums in which you can use conversationsal strategies to attract and retain users.

How Can you Get the Most Out of WhatsApp Business?

Here are a few of the benefits of WhatsApp Business:

  • Develop a deeper relationship with your clients.
  • Higher conversion rates.
  • Get results with a relatively low investment in marketing.
  • Improved sales due to the trust and positive perception created by conversational tools.

How Can you Sell on WhatsApp Business?

You can sell on WhatsApp Business by creating ads for the platform, or you can do it by creating click or click-to-WhatsApp ads.

These are similar to another type of advertising available on Faceook called Click-to-Messenger.

The conversational ads on Facebook are among the best tools you can use in combination with the automations available on the platform.

These ads are different from more traditional ads because they don’t direct the users to a landing page or a tedious form, but rather open a conversation with them directly.

Combining this tool with a chatbot that will capiture and redirect leads to the appropriate department will juice your client conversion like never before.

Zenvia Conversion will configure your WhatsApp business account to make your processes more agile, alongside the integration of chatbot so that your  conversations can continue even outside working hours. You can respond to many more people with much less effort.

With this tool, you can use the Facebook ads platform to allow people to contact you through WhatsApp. A few things to keep in mind when using this type of advertising:

  • The ad should have a call to action that will start a WhatsApp conversation when the user clicks it.
  • You should connect your WhatsApp line to Facebook in order to be able to configure the ads via the WhatsApp Business app.
  • The ads can be displayed in: Facebook Marketplace, Facebook feed, Instagram feed, and the search section. They will also appear in Facebook and Instagram stories.

What are your Goals for the WhatsApp Campaign?

Before setting up your Click-to-WhatsApp campaigns, you must first define some marketing objectives offered by the advertising manager. These goals are divided into three groups, according to the client status in the marketing funnel.


Here you can choose a Brand Awareness or outreach objective.

Brand Awareness is useful if you need more people to be aware of the existence of your brand and to keep it present in the minds of your users/clients.

Outreach objectives simply serve to reach more people.


For the consideration stage, WhatsApp offers a wide variety of objectives. You can manage your campaign according to a  goal related to traffic, engagement, app installation, video plays, lead generation, or messages.

The messages goal would be the simplest option related to WhatsApp, as it simply aims to have users start a conversation with your business.

If you have a technology product such as an app, you’ll get more benefit from an app installation or engagement objective.


This will  mean that the campaign is more focused on finding people who are more likely to follow through with a conversion. To achieve this, you have three objectives available: conversions, sales catalog, and store visits.

You must choose a specific objective before configuring your WhatsApp campaign.

Step by Step: How to Create Ads with WhatsApp Business

From the ad manager, go to the “Create Ads” tool and choose your objective.

Steps for ads with brand awareness, interaction, or video views objectives:

  1. Choose the campaign type and click Next.awareness

    2. Select the audience, geographical location, campaign budget, and calendar. Click Next  to continue.

    Audience Facebook WhatsApp

    3. Add your website URL in links.

    4. To configure the call to action, choose “Send WhatsApp message.”
    send whatsapp message facebook ads

    5. Remember  to have a page associated with your WhatsApp number as you’ll need to choose it from the dropdown list.

    6. Publish your ad.

How to Create Ads with Traffic, Conversion, or Messages Objectives

  1. Select the desired campaign type.awareness
  2. In ad type, choose “click to send message” and select WhatsApp.
    ad type
  3. Next select your audience, geographic location, and schedule.
  4. Choose the ad format and complete the configuration.
  5. Click Create to continue with the process and save your preferences to finalize.
  6. Publish the ad.

Independent of the ads you create on Facebook, we also recommend that you add personalized buttons to your web site and pages so that your communication channel has better visibility and accessibility.

With Zenvia Conversion you can integrate all your communication channels in a single place, and add a chatbot that will help your sales, customer service, and marketing teams.

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