How to take product photos for Instagram

Taking photos to post on Instagram is far from simple. Here are some tips to make your products shine and increase your sales. Learn more HERE.

In this article, we’ll show you in detail everything you need to know to take great photos of your products that will convert your followers into customers. It’ll just take you a couple of minutes. Let’s get started!


As you know, to make sales on Instagram, the best and most effective strategy is to have an attractive profile and high-quality posts.

Did you know that images are processed 60,000 times faster than text?

Why is that fact important? In the digital environment, the value and visibility of your products are in a large part determined by the quality of your images.

So follow our guide, take better pictures, publish your posts, and start selling!

How to take photos in Instagram Business


Although taking photos and posting them on Instagram is simple enough, rest assured that quality makes a difference.

That means it’s incredibly important to produce and publish good photos of your products to call attention to your brand.

Photos for commercial use are quite different from what you might post to your personal profile.

In the first place, you have to think about the little details that will increase the value of your product and your store.

1. Backdrop


A quality backdrop will definitely improve the overall look of your product, since it gives the context for the photo.

In other words, even a simple product, so long as it is in a well-designed setting, will shine and create a better aesthetic effect.

2. Context

Creativity is key for sparking users’ interest in buying and using your products.

Be creative and create an interesting context for your photos.

You can think of appealing everyday situations where you products would be used and be positioned well.

A good knowledge of you audience is the best place to start looking for inspiration.


3. Colors on product photos for Instagram

The colors in the scene should harmonize well with the product you’re photographing, as well as with your brand.

In any case, the most important thing is that the picture looks  pleasing to the eye and creates a sense of visual identity.

For example, beauty is one of the most powerful hooks in a visual medium like Instagram.

That means, the more aesthetically pleasing your profile and photos are, the more attention and trust your brand will generate.

Use a white background if you’re worried about choosing the wrong thing.


If there’s any doubt about the best context to situate your product in, go for a white background.

This neutral backdrop puts your product in the center of attention and shows off its features more efficiently.

4. The product is the star


The importance of the backdrop comes from the need to create a context that speak to your portfolio of products.

As a result, despite its importance, the background shouldn’t be what stands out most, but rather the product you’re advertising.

To that end, avoid backgrounds with too many elements, and try to choose colors that complement the colors in your product.

The purpose of the post is to spark a desire for the product, which will then lead to a sale.


5. Offer the client a real image of the product

Try to find the best angles to take pictures of your products so that your audience can see its actual size.

This can include putting your product next to other objects or having a person using or holding it.

6. Use the caption to connect

The focus of social media, even the more visual ones like Instagram, is interaction.

To that end, the caption should create a connection with your audience, which will motivate people to like and comment.

How to take pictures of products for Instagram

The first rule of taking product photos for Instagram is to focus on originality and quality.

Use your creativity to create unique images, and good techniques to produce excellent photographs.

Be careful with technology



Before you begin, analyze your project and your budget. Often, it ends up being worth it to invest in a good digital camera, as long as you are taking enough photos to justify it.

For DLSR cameras, follow these rules:

  • A large angular lens can distort your product
  • Use the appropriate aperture for the photo
  • Use the correct white balance, the same temperature as your lights

Cell phone cameras can also work well, depending on what model your phone is. Most current models come equipped with excellent cameras.

In addition, you can use some apps to take truly excellent photos using a smartphone.

In any case, your device should have autofocus and should activate the maximum number of megapixels possible.

You should also use a tripod to stabilize the camera and avoid unintended movement. If you don’t have experience, opt for photos without flash.

Use the background to make your product stand out


Create  a shallow ramp in front of a horizontal white or light gray background and position your product.

Look for a place with a lot of natural light, or a dark room if you want to use artificial lighting.

Lighting is everything

That’s why you need to pay attention to natural lighting, since it depends on the time, the weather, and how long you spend taking pictures.

One good option is to use a large lightbulb or lighting kit, where the lights work continuously.

Pay attention to the horizon line

Always check your photo alignment. In outdoor environments, such as on the street, check to make sure that linear elements like sidewalks and windows aren’t tilted.

Follow the rule of thirds

Divide the scene up like a tic-tac-toe board and place your product in of the the points formed by an intersection.

This keeps your product  slightly off from the center of the photo, attracting and retaining the viewer’s attention for longer.

Be careful with the product

The purpose of the photo is to sell your product, so make sure that it is in perfect condition.

This means that the article should be new, clean, and have no tags on it.

Next steps after taking product photos for Instagram

The next step is to edit the photos. In addition to Adobe photoshop, there are other free options. Regardless of what you use, editing the photos is key.

Make sure that the final result is satisfactory, professional, and attractive. Then comes the big moment: posting to Instagram.

The response from your audience is undoubtedly the crucial test. Good luck!

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