How to Create a Marketing Strategy for Instagram

Learn why you should incorporate Instagram in your marketing strategy and what tricks you should be using on social media.

Marketing on Instagram is an obligatory part of digital marketing strategies in 2021. In fact, having an active digital presence has become crucial to a brand’s survival. Learn why you should incoporate Instagram into your marketing strategy if you haven’t yet, and what tricks you should be using already.

The importance of Instagram to digital marketing

With so many social media options and digital tools, why should you include Instagram in your marketing strategy?

According to an analysis by Sensor Tower, Instagram is among the top 5 most downloaded applications worldwide, both from the App Store and from Google Play. By the middle of 2020 the social network reached 13 million downloads.

Descarga de aplicaciones en Estados Unidos en 2020

The Instagram audience is composed largely of millenials and Gen-Z, who actively participate in creating content and promoting entrepreneurs and businesses.

According to Oberlo, 71% of businesses in the United States use Instagram to promote their brand. This is due to the fact that the platform has a major impact on people’s purchasing journey, helping 80% of Instagram users to decide whether or not to buy a product or service.

Because it is a network where images and videos dominate, they generate more engagement more quickly than other platforms like Facebook. This means that Instagram as a digital marketing to becomes a key vehicle for creating a community of loyal consumers of your brand.

Digital marketing strategies on Instagram

How to market on Instagram has been the most important question since the platform incorporated special features for businesses, such as marketplace.

Let’s take a look at some tricks and strategies to use for your business profile or even your own personal brand:

Data and metrics everywhere

Business profiles for creators  allow you to monitor your content in a detailed way. You can see the impact of your content, where you audience is from, how old theu are, their genders, and more.

Continuously track your data to pull out valuable insights that will help you leverage your brand’s core content.

Best of all, these tools are completely free.

Turn Instagram into a point of entry

The platform allows you to show your content in various formats: videos, carousels, illustrations, stories, reels, and more.

You can take advantage of thisfree platform to show your buyers how your product works, showing it off in the most attractive and desirable light.

On top of that, it allows you to connect your account to your virtual store and show the prices of your products. Once your potential clients have seen enough, they hit the Buy button and the rest is history.

Interact where it’s worth your while

Another tool that will bring significant value to your brand and to your marketing strategy on Instagram is interacting with the accounts or the followers of accounts that are related to the industry or area of your brand.

Search for questions that have been left unanswered in comments on these accounts and take adavantage of the opportunity to present yourself as the solution they are looking for. It’s important to be attentive to one-on-one communication.

Affiliate marketing on Instagram

Basically, this means getting your brand marketing by influencers. The payment method may be a percentage commision per click or per sale generated.

Why does this strategy produce results? It matters less exactly how many followers the person or people you choose to promote your service or product has, it has been shown that users are more relaxed and entertained (and therefore more receptive) when they interact with people they consider their peers or trend setters.

In short, it’s more likely that people will fall in love with your brand and want to buy your products or consume your services.

On top of that, affiliate marketing is often used in very specific circles in order to be more effective. For example, if you sell videogames and notices that your number one product is Call of Duty, it would be very effective to form a partnership with influencers who streams first-person-shooters.

The tool that will help you leverage your Instagram marketing strategy


To maintain an integrated digital marketing strategy, it is key to keep all your communications and metrics in order. Without a CRM to channel your communication channels, it would be impossible  to keep up with all the latest from every active profile you maintain on social medi and this can be a fatal error in your strategy.

Zenvia Conversion allows you to combine different channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and now Instagram so that you can monitor in detail and have all your information in one place. You can see which channels are performing best and direct your marketing efforts appropriately!

A chatbot to respond to everyone

As we mentioned, it is important to keep up to date with your communications. Nurturing a personal connection is something that potential clients value. To respond in record time, Zenvia Conversion offers a chatbot to respond to messages both in and out of working hours.

You can respond to WhatsApp messages, Facebook Messenger, as well as Instagram messages, all in one place. The chatbot will also show the user the wait time until they will receive a response if they contact you outside working hours.

Effortlessly measure client satisfaction

Zenvia Conversion Bots can also send customer satisfaction surveys to clients that will be automatically reported on your metrics dashboard.

You’ll see the results updated as responses are generated.

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