5 WhatsApp Marketing Courses

5 Recommended sources to help you learn how to maximize your WhatsApp advertizing.

Have you ever thought of WhatsApp as a social network, just like Facebook or Instagram?

Althouh WhatsApp is the second-most used app after Facebook, it is often left out of marketing and social media strategies.

We’ll tell you about some of the best courses to leverage this tool.

What is a WhatsApp marketing strategy for?

Many people are already aware of the importance of a good marketing strategy applied to social networks such as Facebook and Instagram. However, some people are still unaware of the potential of applying these strategies to WhatsApp.

If you have a business or a start-up, it’s important that you start making your WhatsApp communications a higher priority. There are several advantages to this strategy:

It’s accessible

If there’s one thing that has always dissuaded me from buying a product or a service, it’s having to go through too many steps before I can get in touch with the company. Even in a contact form, you have to fill out your name, address, phone number, purpose for contacting them, et cetera.

Today there are millions of people with WhatsApp installed on their phones, making it practically a guaranteed communication channel that is accessible and familiar for the majority of the public.

With WhatsApp integrated in your business, your customers just have to click a button to start the conversation. Faster and more accessible communication will help you finalize more sales.

It’s conversational

WhatsApp allows you to talk to your clients conversationally. By that we mean that it goes beyond a simple cold exchange of messages.

You can expand your communications to include images, videos, GIFs, PDFs, voice messages, which in addition to being  more concise, are much more familiar for consumers. This gives you an opportunity to establish a unique brand voice to establish a relationship with clients  over the long term.

Plus, under certain conditions, you’ll be able to send information in bulk about promotions and events from your brand to your clients. A great tool when it comes to making your brand known and making it grow.

Improve engagement

Accessibility, familiarity, speed. All these are elements that considerably impact the user’s experience in a positive way. And a good user experience can translate to better engagement.

You should know that it is much more expensive to get new clients than to keep the ones you already have. It’s important that you are able to continue nurturing the relationships over the long term, which will give you a better return on your investment.

5 Courses  to learn about WhatsApp marketing

We took some time to research what materials are available online to start  understanding marketing via WhatsApp. We found several courses that we think could help you take your first steps in this area, and maybe even inspire you to delve further!


Coursera is one of the main digital class sources, whose differential value comes from the fact that they offer authorized certifications from businesses like IBM, Facebook, Google, and universities like Stanford.

We’ll highlight the courses in social media marketing and social media advertising to start with.

You’ll learn the basics for marketing on social media (a concept that includes WhatsApp). What makes these courses stand out  is the fact that they are offered by Facebook itself.

You can take any of these classes for free, although if you do you will not get a certificate when you complete it. Another option is to sign up for a Coursera membership. This membership is recommended for businesses, as the cost is 399 dollars per person per year (but you can access more than 3000 courses).

Starting learning by clicking here or here.


Udemy is one of the renowned online academies of our era. Among the companies who have contracted their services you’ll find Lyft, Booking, Adidas, Pinterest, and others.

Udemy offers an immediate alternative to Coursera, with their WhatsApp for Business Mastery Course. In this course you are gonna learn not only the basics, also you will learn How to run WhatsApp Ad campaign using Facebook Ad Manager and setting up Pre-Defined Greeting Messages and Away Messages.

You can suscribe to this one by clicking here.


If you’re more inclined to reading, Hootsuite  has this article to start understanding WhatsApp Business, where you can quickly learn how to use WhatsApp to your benefit. 

What stands out from this article is that it compiles the most successful  campaigns that have used this type of marketing strategy. This gives you practical examples  from Absolut Vodka and Hellmann’s.

But the real reason we highlight this article is because it offers a downloadable PDF guide about marketing that you can apply on WhatsApp.

Hootsuite is a leading business in the service of managing multiplatform social media. This means you’ll get quality information about marketing using messaging apps.


If you actually want to improve your sales kills at a professional level, I would recommend you this course of Simpliv. Here you are gonna learn:

  • How to send bulk WhatsApp messages without having to save the numbers in your phone
  • How to mention each person’s name in your Bulk WhatsApp Messaging Campaigns (a very powerful marketing strategy)
  • How to filter WhatsApp Numbers out of Non-WhatsApp Numbers
  • How to extract the phone numbers of members of any WhatsApp Group you belong with just a click
  • How to generate WhatsApp Phone numbers

You can start by clicking here.

Zenvia Conversion

Zenvia Conversion is the first CRM for WhatsApp, so they also put out content for businesses who want to get the most out of the messaging app.

With the free Zenvia Conversion blog, you can take your first steps, as well as continue to improve in the various techniques to increase your sales by improving your customer service on WhatsApp.

You can find dozens of articles about WhatsApp Business by clicking here.

Now you need a tool to put your learning into practice

With the Zenvia Conversion app you can reach WhatsApp’s true potential. Thanks to the fact that they are an authorized WhatsApp provider, you can free yourself from the restrictions that the platform generally imposes and become a true professional.

Using Zenvia Conversion to integrate your communication channels (WhatsApp principal among them) brings with it the following benefits:

Mass messages

WhatsApp imposes a limit of 256 messages a day, but with Zenvia Conversion you can send messages in bulk, up to 500 messages a day, per line. Reach a broader audience with less effort.

Shared inbox and multi user WhatsApp 

A shared inbox allows all your teams to see incoming messages and work on them collaboratively.

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