For the end of an era with bad experiences

Surely you’ve had some unpleasant experience in your relationship with a brand and you must have wondered: does it really have to be this way? And have you ever put yourself in your customer’s shoes, questioning if in fact the experience they have with your company is the ideal one, at the right time?

Each person is unique. Your company is unique and so is your customer. We have preferences, tastes, different ways of communicating, and we always seek the best experience in each of these moments.

Every day, Zenvia seeks to shape a new world of experiences, freeing companies and people from shackles and increasingly challenging the status quo, promoting a connection between brands and their customers in an authentic, individual and assertive way.

Put a stop to experiences that don’t generate genuine connections with your customers.

Discover Mundo Zenvia

Transform each step of your customer’s journey into a unique experience. Capture and engage the consumer even before they are your customer, increase your sales quickly, provide the appropriate support at times when possible failures happen and keep them loyal to your brand. All this with contextualization, aware of your customer’s history with your brand.

Make assertive and personalized campaigns.

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Convert your sales into multichannel conversations quickly and efficiently.

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Provide agile and human service.

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Evolving indicators to gain customer loyalty.

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Carry out a complete, fluid journey that will become unforgettable in your customer’s mind when they think about your brand.

And to make the journey even more memorable, you can add chatbots, perform automations, process documents, all in the palm of your customer’s hand, in the communication channel they prefer.

Automate processes and solutions quickly and easily via APIs.

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Create highly scalable conversational flows.

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Add inteligence to chatbots that understand natural Language.

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Safetly manage documents without bureaucracy.

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The secret of QUANTUM

With the union of technology, enhanced by the human factor, we developed a Smart Platform that allows companies to improve the customer experience in a unique way throughout the entire journey.

With our platform you have access to your customer´s entire journey, and it is possible to deepen your knowledge of the profile of each consumer individually, while using intelligence to improve your business.

QUANTUM is the intelligence layer behind our platform, and is responsible for data architecture, insights, orchestration and integration between Zenvia’s solutions and tools.