Zenvia Docs

Build digital journeys in minutes

Create, administer and manage documents securely and without bureaucracy.

Improve the customer experience, reducing costs and bureaucratic processes during the customer journey, with efficiency, security and reliability:
  • Optimize processes and reduce operating costs
  • Minimize the issuance of physical paper by sending 100% digital
  • Security for your company and your customers
  • Ensure the integrity and inviolability of the traffic content with the certification of documents according to the regulations of your industry
  • Managing and editing digital documents with ease
  • Create policies, slips, contracts and various documents from data available in different systems
  • Allow the signing of documents with Aceite Digital
  • With just one click, enable your customers to accept terms and sign contracts, with security and digital authentication
  • Document storage and integrations via Wallet
  • Scanning process for including documents in compatible Wallet apps: Google Wallet, Apple Wallet and Top Apps
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Start from scratch or choose a template

Journey Design

Design digital communication journeys, creating conditions to ensure that your customer will receive your message.

Journey Models

Use ready-made templates validated by other companies in the market to send communications to your customers.

Journey Versions

Save time by reusing journeys you’ve already created and only modify the messages that will be sent.

Approval Panel

Have a managerial view of the production and delivery of documents and ensure that all SLAs are met.


Certify documents in accordance with your industry regulations and prevent them from being tampered with.

Order Status

Anticipate your customer’s needs and actively send updates on their orders.


Is document management bureaucratic for your company?

With Zenvia Docs, do everything simply and intuitively in one place.

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Optimize processes to be more effective when operating with your customers

In your flows, create personalized communications and define customer lists that will receive them.

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Improve your customer experience, reducing costs and bureaucratic processes in your company with the creation, management and transaction of documents during the customer journey.

All this safely, reliably and 100% digitally.

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