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Unimed SC: Productivity, Structuring, and Efficiency through Zenvia

Operational efficiency

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Better cost-benefit

Operational Transformation and Efficiency: The Success of Unimed SC.

The challenge

According to Higor Alves, IT Business Analyst at Grupo Unimed SC, the old service desk tool used was rigid and had several restrictions.

One of the main obstacles was the lack of flexibility, as any modification required custom development, demanding a professional dedicated exclusively to this task in the company. These changes took time and were not always feasible.

In addition, the software faced the limitation of not providing accessible indicators clearly and directly, making it difficult to analyze the operation and make informed decisions.

It was then that Unimed SC decided to seek other options for a service desk tool until finding Zenvia. In addition to presenting the functionalities they needed, what caught their attention was the cost-benefit of the solution, which they assessed to be much greater than those of the other companies analyzed.

The solution

Zenvia is used for support for service providers and institutional service to other Unimed entities in the state. Additionally, the system is also used for all internal requests and needs between departments.

Today, Unimed SC has nearly 350 agents registered in the system, who handle both internal and external demands. The first department to use the software was the Information Technology (IT) department, followed by other areas of the company.

Lenon Warmeling, systems analyst at Unimed SC, explains: “The more we can centralize demands in Zenvia, the better the result will be”

Some of the most used features are service catalogs, SLA control, and reports for monitoring indicators. For IT, integration with WhatsApp is also very important, as it was essential to meet the need for remote assistance during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Automation is also a fundamental component for the progress of activities and increased productivity in all areas that use Zenvia. There are more than 350 triggers registered and almost 300 text macros.

With this, it is possible to reduce manual activities, decrease the risk of errors in repetitive tasks, speed up service, and gain more time for teams to focus on what really matters.

Customization is also a differential of Zenvia, which has greatly helped in day-to-day support. If before these changes needed to be developed individually, now they can be easily configured, allowing different areas to make specific use of the software. There are more than 400 additional fields configured to meet the needs of each department.

The results

Today, all areas of Unimed SC use Zenvia, whether for internal or external service. “Here, there is a culture of areas working by request,” explains Lenon.

Among the main benefits perceived with the adoption of Zenvia by Grupo Unimed SC are:

Centralization, organization, and control of demands, being fundamental for the operation. “If it weren’t for Zenvia, most of these issues would be resolved via email, which greatly complicates management,” explains Higor. Thus, he emphasizes that centralizing channels in one place is essential.

Ease of adapting and customizing Zenvia to processes, with the consultant’s role in the implementation process being essential for this. “In the old system, what often happened was that we had to do the opposite: adapt the process to the tool,” says Lenon.

Greater productivity, from creating triggers and macros, better organization of stalled demands, screening in service, and asset registration to facilitate machine control. “The gain in agility and control in support was very significant,” highlights Lenon.

“Every day our service evolves. If it were up to the old system, it would be a hard road. Zenvia greatly facilitates our advances,” summarizes Lenon.

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