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UniCesumar increases digital channel adoption by 101% with the Zenvia platform.

Increased capacity for all teams

Reduced contact abandonment rate

Increased customer retention

One of Brazil’s leading educational groups uses Zenvia to direct its students to the digital channel.

The Case

With the growing preference for digital service channels, it’s increasingly common to see companies from all sectors having to adapt their operations to accommodate new consumer behaviors. Customers are increasingly seeking faster ways to contact businesses.

For UniCesumar, one of Brazil’s top ten educational groups, the shift to digital channels was extremely necessary. With over 400,000 students in the country and an internal service culture that relied entirely on the phone, the volume of calls was resulting in overload for the responsible team, as well as long wait times for students attempting to contact.

To address this issue, the educational group chose Zenvia to send SMS messages directing the customer to digital channels. Upon contact, the consumer now automatically receives a message suggesting that the service be completed via digital channel, not by phone. Thus, since its implementation, the over 30,000 message sends resulted in a 21% decrease in phone inquiries received.

“Omnichannel is not just a trend, it’s a necessity. We live in a world where convenience is key. Our customers shouldn’t be forced to limit themselves to a single communication channel. They should have the freedom to choose how they want to interact with us. It could be via phone, online chat, email, social media, or any other means that is convenient for them,” said William Diego Marcondes, Channels Head at UniCesumar.

The evaluation of these actions was extremely positive. After the operation migration, the company noticed a significant improvement in service capacity and the use of digital channels as the main contact tool, resulting in a 101% increase in the adoption of this option, comparing the first quarter of 2023 with the second of the same year.

Additionally, with the increase in options and the decrease in wait time for students to be served, UniCesumar also identified a decrease in the contact abandonment rate and an increase in customer retention.

“We believe in the importance of giving our customers not just one, but several ways to connect with us. This goes far beyond simple phone service. True innovation lies in the ability to smoothly and efficiently transition from one channel to another. That’s why we invested in implementing omnichannel in our services. Zenvia was fundamental in this construction because through its innovative solutions, we managed to connect and integrate our platforms, offering our customers various ways to interact with UniCesumar. The sending of SMS, with the WhatsApp link, integrated and traceable, for channel transition was one of the main gains,” reinforced the company’s Channels Head.

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