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From manual control to automation: The inspiring story of Power Tuning

The Case – Customer Service

Power Tuning, recognized as a Microsoft Gold Partner, stands out for its expertise in consulting, ranging from implementation to the improvement of Microsoft SQL Server and BI/Power BI usage. Through these services, the company ensures the continuous operation of its clients’ databases, prioritizing agility, stability, and security.

A reference in this segment, it offers training and consulting in BI and DBA, as well as assisting in environment migration to Azure.

The Challenge

Fabrício Lima, the founder and CEO of Power Tuning, performed functions as an independent consultant, without envisioning the creation of a large corporation. He managed his activities using Word, where each work cycle was meticulously recorded in internal spreadsheets of the word processor. At the end of the month, he aggregated the total hours spent and shared them with clients for billing.

The number of clients began to grow, and it became increasingly difficult to maintain this manual control. “It was unfeasible to maintain this with the continuous increase in clients. So, we received the recommendation from Zenvia, liked it, and have been with it ever since,” says the CEO.

The Solution

“What we did in Word, very archaic, we’ve been doing in Zenvia since the beginning. We didn’t have another ticketing tool, we went straight to Zenvia. We liked it and have been with it ever since,” adds Fabrício.

He explains that at the time of choosing, he evaluated two other systems, but the recommendation from a company that provided a service similar to that of Power Tuning counted in favor. “[The billing] is in reais, in Portuguese, it’s nearby, maybe we have better contact than with those tools from abroad. So, we tested it and liked it,” he explains.

In Power Tuning’s operation, two types of service are provided: proactive and reactive. In the former, they receive an email alerting them to any system instability and immediately take corrective action. In the latter, the customer contacts them with a demand for the consulting team.

Fabrício explains that the system is essential for his team to record all service hours to bill for consulting at the end of the month. In addition, it also allows for greater transparency and visibility for its clients, who can access each of the tickets and see in detail what was done.

All in one place

“The idea was to bring everything we could to Zenvia,” explains Fabrício, who has a consultant on his team who helps him explore new ways to use the system in his operation. Flexibility and freedom of customization contribute to their ability to adapt this usage to the company’s needs.

Beyond ticket control and hours spent on each consultation, Power Tuning also uses the Kanban functionality to have an overview of all ongoing projects, those that have been completed, those that are still ongoing, and those that still need payment.

The Knowledge Base, or KB, is used to detail procedures for clients. Automation features are employed to streamline workflow, with automatic ticket opening every month to perform the client validation process.

For Fabrício, the ability to export Zenvia data via API to be processed in his own database is also a major differential.

As Power Tuning’s team is all remote and spread across different locations in the country, the CEO explains that Zenvia is also an important tool for monitoring the productivity and day-to-day activities of his team through attendance records.

The results

Power Tuning started with just Fabrício and grew over time. In these 8 years of journey, they served 500 companies. And it was like this, growing together with Zenvia, that Power Tuning went from a trial license to nearly 50 current service agent licenses.

The expectation is to continue growing along with the increase in clients and consultants to serve them. “Our usage is very simple, but without Zenvia, I wouldn’t survive,” summarizes Fabrício.

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