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How Fortbrasil modernized its customer service structure with Zenvia


reduction in service operators, reducing costs


increase in customer retention and access to the bot


requests per day in the general service bot

The Case

Founded in 2004, Fortbrasil is a fintech operating in the financial segment of credit granting and has established itself in the market as a specialist in managing co-branded Private Label cards (which bear the establishment’s own brand with the FortBrasil flag).

With its constant growth, the company saw the need to optimize its customer service channels in order to meet high demand. Always very focused on digitalization, the fintech aimed to automate service and leverage its results. To achieve this, in January 2021, Fortbrasil hired Zenvia.

With the intelligent conversational solution, companies can use chatbots across various channels to scale customer service, reducing costs and gaining operational efficiency. It was with this idea that Fortbrasil used Zenvia to begin implementing its robust chatbot structure across its channels.

For general inquiries, the company created a hybrid bot, combining established conversational flows and artificial intelligence. Divided into 7 different assistants within the company’s systems (in addition to WhatsApp), Fortbrasil’s general service bot handles over 150,000 requests per day.

For specifically addressing the main Credit Card issues, Fabi was developed, a bot responsible for 97% average customer retention and has a unique personality. According to Fortbrasil, Fabi is “lively, well-informed, and does multiple things simultaneously with mastery. She understands everything about cards, answering questions, making sales, and retaining all products.”


Digitalize and automate customer service through chatbot to reduce operation costs, first response time, and boost results.


  • Creation of a general service bot for the main customer requests
  • Inclusion of the “Fabi” Bot, an assistant for all main Fortbrasil Credit Card service topics
  • Implementation of the invoice clarification bot that provides customers with general information about purchases, fees, services, and more.
  • More transparency and agility for customers seeking information about the main topics related to their subscription
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