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De 101 a 1000 funcionários

Imóveis Crédito Real optimizes its self-service with Zenvia.

+25% of contracts signed in 2023 come from WhatsApp leads

+14 automated service journeys created within the chatbot

+139,000 messages sent and received in July 2023

After implementation, the real estate agency has almost 30% of its contracts signed in 2023 coming from WhatsApp leads

The Challenge

The challenge of keeping up with new trends has made the real estate sector increasingly adapt to the new demands of consumers. Processes that used to depend entirely on individual and human interaction have become increasingly digital and automated. Today, customers seek ways to solve their doubts and even complete an entire rental process digitally and autonomously.

It was with this in mind that Imóveis Crédito Real, a real estate agency with over 90 years in the Brazilian market and a pioneer in the segment, chose Zenvia to optimize and automate its WhatsApp service. Motivated mainly by the acceleration of digitalization caused by the pandemic, the real estate agency aimed to increase the agility of its channel responses, as well as to have a complete record of all contacts, integrated with its CRM, something that was previously impossible.

Thus, with the support of the Zenvia team, over 14 chatbot journeys were created to meet demands such as: rentals, scheduling, notices and evaluation of visits, property proposals, sending documentation, second copy of slips, maintenance, and more.

“Today, we can design a journey where the client can reach the part of sending the lease documentation on their own. Our potential client communicates to the bot what they are looking for, whether it’s the neighborhood, city, and even schedule a visit directly through WhatsApp.” Priscila Santos, Project Manager at Imóveis Crédito Real.

Over time, the implementation of these technologies made the channel even more important for the company’s results. According to Imóveis Crédito Real, in 2023, almost 30% of signed contracts come from WhatsApp leads, a data that can now be identified thanks to Zenvia. In addition, in July 2023, more than 139,000 messages were sent and received to customers through this channel.

Zenvia’s Differentiation

For Priscila, the point that caught the most attention in Zenvia was precisely the possibility of customization and adaptation to the specific need that the real estate sector demanded. “For Imóveis Crédito Real, it was essential to have a partner who understood our need. Zenvia managed to fit into the flow we designed and we were able to solve everything possible to speed up our customer service” she emphasized.

In addition, for Imóveis Crédito Real, it was essential that the customer experience remained humanized, despite the innovations. Therefore, the option of transferring from chatbot to human assistance, when necessary, was another important differentiator. “In the market, we have seen many tools that are very robotic, not allowing transfer to human assistance. With Zenvia, we saw that we would have this advantage of connecting the human part with that chat, giving these two options to the customer” said the Project Manager.

The partnership between Zenvia and Imóveis Crédito Real was established with the support of New Byte, the software house that offers automation services for customer service, responsible for assisting the real estate agency with the implementation of Zenvia. “With the support and confidence of the Imóveis Crédito Real team, we were able to streamline and improve the service process, providing quick and accurate responses to customer inquiries, scaling the operation. We are grateful to be able to contribute to the continued growth and success of Imóveis Crédito Real in a project that has generated such positive results” said Arthur Bueno Stein, co-founder of the company.

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