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Ável leverages Zenvia to enhance customer acquisition and experience

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of customer contact in the journey

Generating even more business and increasing market penetration for Ável

The Case

The challenge of acquiring new clients and retaining current ones is essential when it comes to companies in the financial sector. For Ável Investimentos, one of the largest investment firms accredited to the XP network, the opportunity to improve the experience from start to finish of the customer journey was a major driver in choosing a solution like Zenvia’s.

According to Guilherme Vieira Pott, Marketing Manager at Ável, the first aspect that caught their attention with Zenvia was the ability to deliver targeted messages to the right customers on a large scale.

“We are a company born in the digital realm, so we are very concerned with message personalization for the customer. When we saw that we could do this through Zenvia, through mass messaging, it made perfect sense to us.”

In addition, reducing response time between interactions and not keeping prospects or clients waiting was another important initial attraction in the decision-making process. “As soon as we started integrating a single phone, we noticed that the gap in response time between the customer and the user decreased. For us, that was what shone our eyes in relation to the solution,” said the Marketing Manager.

Zenvia’s Contribution to Ável’s Objectives

Today, with the partnership already established, the impacts of Zenvia are clear and help the investment advisory firm pursue larger goals.

“Today, Ável aims to become the largest investment advisory firm in Brazil, and we are very close to achieving that. To make it happen, we need clients across Brazil. Zenvia is already becoming our main bridge to achieving this triumph.

But beyond acquiring new potential clients, the challenge of retaining the current client base was also essential. In this regard, according to Guilherme, Zenvia’s solutions were also of great help.

“Here, we focus a lot on customer retention. Since partnering with Zenvia, our customer retention has improved significantly. This is because we have multiple agents talking to the user simultaneously, reducing the response time.”

Impact of Zenvia in Practice

One of the keys to the success of a good marketing and sales strategy is the integration of the entire process, ensuring all agents involved are always prepared with as much information as possible. In the case of Ável, the integration between Zenvia’s Attraction and Conversion solutions makes the process even more productive, yielding even better results.

“Basically, all the forms we have from Zenvia are interconnected. We don’t have a platform that does something in isolation. Zenvia Attraction feeds Zenvia Conversion in terms of the number of messages and interaction of clients’ users with the specialists. Zenvia Attraction is responsible for nurturing this base and the specialists with the conversations,” explained Guilherme Pott.

By optimizing all stages of customer contact in the journey, the chance of success is much higher. For Ável’s marketing manager, this is evident in the process used internally, using various different functionalities from Zenvia to increase the chance of success.

“We capture this lead and, from that moment on, we have an automation that sends the message on WhatsApp to the user. So, we already start using Zenvia through a chatbot. In this chatbot, we qualify this client and check their interest in our service. If they are interested, we refer them to Zenvia Attraction, where we send mass messages to everyone who arrives in our system. Zenvia Attraction is linked to our Zenvia Conversion, so multiple agents talk to the base simultaneously, providing the best possible service.”

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