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How Ecossistema Ânima Utilized Zenvia to Enhance Efficiency in WhatsApp Customer Service

Reduction in response time (SLA)

Improvement in service

Strengthening of retention rate

To optimize contact with its students, the entire customer service operation was digitized with Zenvia.

The Case

With changes in student behavior, especially post-pandemic, the education sector has been presenting important evolutions in how it approaches its student’s experience. More and more, students seek ways to combine convenience with personal and professional growth. Today, this is directly linked to process digitalization.

With the aim of evolving its customer service and support operation, the Ânima Ecosystem, one of the largest education organizations in the country, chose Zenvia to serve its more than 400,000 students across Brazil.

“With the arrival of the pandemic in 2020, Zenvia was the strategic partner for us to bring all our customer service to the digital channel. Post-pandemic and with the opening of other channels, we realized that our students still preferred to use this channel for service (WhatsApp and webchat).” said Thiago Nunes, Coordinator of Customer Service at Ânima

So, to meet the challenge of offering excellent support and standardizing all its calls in one place, chatbots were implemented in Ânima’s customer service channels, resulting in a significant reduction in response time. Thus, the student who contacted could already have a preliminary approach that solved some of their simpler doubts.

Safety and Excellence

“Our main pain previously was the lack of standardization of WhatsApp service, where our students contacted us on unofficial numbers and we couldn’t track them.” emphasized Thiago Nunes.

Thus, through WhatsApp number verification, via Zenvia, the approached students also had more security throughout the process, being sure that they were talking to an official number. “Zenvia brought us standardization, as well as security in the virtual service process, since our numbers are verified by Meta (Facebook) and have a verification seal, avoiding fraud or scams in service.” said Thiago.

In addition to the decrease in response time, process optimization using Zenvia also resulted in more stability for the operation. Today, after implementing the project with Zenvia, students who need to go through WhatsApp and the institution’s chat can have a delightful and agile experience, generating better results for the Ânima Ecosystem.

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