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The Ânima Ecosystem Increases Sales of Online Classes and Reduces Costs With Zenvia.

+18%in conversion in the active shooting channel

-31%in dropout rate

+19%in organic service conversion

Ânima Ecosystem increases sales of EAD classes and reduces costs with Zenvia

The Case

Aiming to provide an even more integrated and seamless experience in its digital channels, the Ânima Ecosystem, one of the country’s leading educational groups, chose Zenvia to optimize its marketing and sales operation. For this purpose, specific solutions were implemented to attract and serve students more quickly and effectively.

As a result of these optimizations, the educational group recorded an 18% increase in financial results and a savings of about 50% in platform investment since implementation.

For active communication shoots, Ânima included journeys to encourage customers to enroll, rescue former students, promote promotions, and resume service with those who became inactive in the process. The result was an 18% increase in sales conversion.

In addition, still aiming to increase contact efficiency, the group replaced the use of an 0800 number for its calls with lines with the area code of the region that would receive the contact. This resulted in nearly a 10x increase in the return rate.

Another point of effort investment, together with Zenvia, was in the issue of abandonment of attendances. With the new digital processes, the educational group can understand, in more detail, what are the possible points of improvement and attention, so that they can be in constant improvement, which resulted in a 31% reduction in the abandonment rate of attendance.

Gil Cabrera, Coordinator of Planning and Quality at Ânima, emphasized the importance of this context to the team: “Today, we can understand exactly why this abandonment occurred and know which part of the operation did not please the customer. Previously, we had a higher rate and without understanding why this exit occurred. Today this makes all the difference.”

Better use of student’s time

For the Ânima Ecosystem, one of the highest priorities was to optimize the use of students’ and prospects’ time on its channels. For this, chatbots were inserted that accompanied the screening of candidates, but with the option of overflow to human service, especially at the time of enrollment. On Black Friday, for example, the educational group was able to reduce the candidate’s WhatsApp service time by 73%, from 2022 to 2023, when Zenvia was implemented.

“With these improvements, in the same period and with a similar volume, we had a 7% growth in conversion in this channel, compared to the previous year. The offer was the same, what changed was the process,” said Gil.

In addition, Ânima now has a customer retention rate above 90%, indicating high satisfaction with the group’s products and support provided in its service channels. “With the way the customer journey was designed by Zenvia, today I feel that the candidate does not disappear. Combining this with the simplicity of the platform, which made the training of my team very fast, we have a reliable solution that gives us certainty that the student will be attended to,” reinforced Gil Cabrera.


  • Creation of active prospecting campaigns focused on capturing new clients for EAD classes;
  • Active message shootings for:
    • Clients to enroll;
    • Rescue old clients (customer management/CRM);
    • Promotion disclosure;
    • Clients who accessed the operation and became inactive.
  • Human service for enrollment confirmation;
  • Creation of a bot for candidate screening;
  • Receptive bot for enrollment with overflow to human service.
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