ZENVIA and VTEX announce e-commerce partnership

ZENVIA and VTEX announce e-commerce pBoth companies are in the tech sector and listed in New York.

For now, the partnership between Zenvia and VTEX focuses on sending order status notifications. “The contract was signed in August and we’ve made progress with integrations since then. So much, in fact, that by the beginning of November we’d already found 21 opportunities to take this partnership to other companies in different sectors,” says Hannah Mattos, responsible for Strategic Alliances at ZENVIA.

Advantages of WhatsApp

WhatsApp was chosen because it brings together many of the advantages possible for virtual shopping. According to a Fortunly survey, 84% of consumers make contact and ask questions through the channel, and 74% start a conversation before deciding to buy. In addition, 76% use the app post-sales.

“We have great synergy with ZENVIA. By coming together, we identified the opportunity to continue elevating the transformation of digital commerce in Brazil to a level of excellence, with the right communication, in the best channel and according to each profile”, explains Erick Buzzi, SVP of Sales, Marketing and Partnership at VTEX.

Article published in Mercado & Consumo: https://mercadoeconsumo.com.br/2022/01/28/exclusivo-zenvia-e-vtex-anunciam-parceria-para-comercio-eletronico

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