ZENDESK vs. FRESHDESK: Which is Better?

ZENDESK vs FRESHDESK Which is better? And what if there is a THIRD OPTION that you are not considering? Read more here …

If we compare Zendesk and Freshdesk, which comes out ahead? Read more below about the advantages and disadvantages each of these platforms offers.
zendesk vs freshdesk

What are Zendesk and Freshdesk?

For those of you with know idea what we’re talking about, Zendesk and Freshdesk are SaaS companies focused on improving customer service and generally improving work processes at your company or business.

A comparison of Zendesk and Freshdesk

Depending on what aspects of a platform are most important to you when it comes to increasing your company’s productivity, we’ll see how each option has advantages in certain areas. We’ll also see what fundamental features they lack.

Zendesk vs. Freshdesk: price

Both companies have at least  five different plan options that scale in cost according to the number of agents you want to allow to use the platform.

If you prioritize price as the determining factor when it comes to purchasing a service, you’ll probably find Zendesk is the better option for you. Zendesk has a very economical plan starting at just five dollars a month per agent.

Although you’ll see that Freshdesk offers a free plan that includes three agents, this won’t help you much as its features are severely limited compared to Freshdesk’s true potential.

For the prices they offer, these plans are better suited for large businesses with many customer service agents.

Zendesk vs. Freshdesk: features

When it comes to features, Freshdesk leaves Zendesk in the dust.

Freshdesk has features that might seem to be just the minimum basics. These include omni-channel communication, call center functionality, and email integration.

But on top of that, they offer unique features that make them stand out. Among these, we can highlight Freshdesk Arcade as one of the most eye-catching, which includes the ability to gamify your teams’ workflows. Of course, all this is in plans starting at 89 dollars per agent per month.

If you need to attend meetings outside the office and continue your work on the go, you’ll be happy to learn that both offer a mobile app.

Zendesk vs. Freshdesk: chatbot

Although we could just count these among the other features, chatbots are becoming more and more important for companies when it comes to qualifying leads.

While Freshdesk has recently added a chatbot to their most expensive plan (139 dollars per user per month), Zendesk doesn’t offer one at all.

Freshdesk vs. Zendesk: what’s the alternative?

When searching for platforms to leverage their work process by implementing automations and centralizing communications, people often come away with the idea that Freshdesk and Zendesk are essentially the only two options on the market.

However, if you’re an entrepreneur or a medium-sized business, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that Sirena is an option perfectly suited to your needs.

As we mentioned earlier in this article, Freshdesk and Zendesk are focused on large companies.

In other words, their prices, values, and complex processes are well-suited to large structures. But it’s not the same if you’re looking for fast, simple implementation and an accessible price.

Sirena is on par with these well-known platforms, with an official WhatsApp integration thanks to their fusion with Zenvia. Plus, they have additional features that the other two have left out:

  •  Omnichannel platform:

You can respond to  inquiries that come to you through WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, your online campaigns and your websites.

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