You Can Now Develop Apps for the Zenvia Conversion Marketplace!

The Zenvia Conversion App Marketplace allows businesses and developers to create and use apps that connect Zenvia Conversion to third-party platforms.



Discover how independent development teams can integrate their own apps with Zenvia Conversion and what the benefits are.

What is the Zenvia Conversion App Marketplace?

App Marketplace is a new space where Zenvia Conversion clients can find applications that offer  useful tools for their businesses. Every app in the marketplace is developed specifically for Zenvia Conversion and reviewed by a team of experts before it is launched.


What do we mean by apps? Apps are software that allow you to connect a tool or service (such as CRMs, lead providers, payment platforms) to Zenvia Conversion or even to connect Zenvia Conversion to other workflows. Some functions that you can modify using applications include:

  • Expand contact fields to store and edit additional information beyond the defualt fields.
  • Expand user fields.
  • Add conversation actions to allow users to trigger actions more quickly.

Zenvia Conversion App Marketplace is intended to be a repository of a wide variety of applications that allow you to connect our product with the tools that are currently in use in the market.

App Marketplace brings together clients, businesses, and developers in one place  to seek, find, or create integrations to improve results.


What is the Zenvia Conversion App Marketplace for and what are the benefits?

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Our value proposition is to offer a place where both current users and developers can find and provide applications to connect and adapt Zenvia Conversion to their workflows and tools.


We currently have a wide variety of integrations with CRMS, payment platforms, and other applications. To continue progressing and continually improving our products, we opened up the ability to adapt Zenvia Conversion to each individual company’s work structure.


For example, if you’re using Hubspot and Zenvia Conversion simultaneously, in our App Marketplace you’ll find an app that  unifies the information and certain features from both tools.


For our users, this means the ability to find quick solutions for integrations and the use of new functionalities that adjust Zenvia Conversion to the work patterns you’re accustomed to.


Users who have programming and development knowledge can not only find applications designed for multiple integrations, but also access the opportunity to create their own solutions to adapt their product to Zenvia Conversion.


What if you’re not a Zenvia Conversion client and still want to use the App Marketplace?


At Zenvia Conversion we believe in a collaborative environment that brings best out of everyone to maximize our potential.


To allow developers to identify opportunities for improvement, they can develop and add their applications so other companies can use them. In exchange, developers can earn a fee for the use of their creations.


With this new space, Zenvia Conversion can evolve much more quickly so that each client and user can have access to the features they need without having to wait as long as it would take for our engineers alone to do the development.


In other words, with this step we have reached a new level of scalability for our solution.


Want to learn more about our new App Marketplace? Complete the form here.


Why provide this feature for clients, businesses, and developers?

At Zenvia Conversion, we have a horizontal product that can be adapted to any  company or industry, so we have created basic features that can be used by anyone from the auto industry to retail or e-commerce.


However, we understand that not all markets work the same way, so we launched the App Marketplace so that industries with more vertical structures can accommodate our product to their needs. 


Every business and industry will be able to add specific tools that will fulfill their key expectations and tasks that are vital to their daily processes.


What steps do I need to take to develop an application that will integrate with Zenvia Conversion?

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If you want to develop an app to add to our App Marketplace, follow these simple steps:

  1. Read our instructions, where you’ll find the form to get your started. 
  2. Once our team receives the form, we will contact you to activate your app developer account. This way you can be assured of being able to access the developer documentation.
  3. Within the app developer account you can develop or integrate the proposed software.
  4. When the app is finished, out team will review its features and functionalities.
  5. If it passes the review, it will be made publicly available on Zenvia Conversion!

Every developer can limit their app availability to certain industries or geographic areas as desired.


Although for the moment both the contact and review process are done manually, there are plans to automate these steps in the near term to make the ability to add features to Zenvia Conversion even more dynamic.


Our goal is that the process of creating and uploading applications will be as automated as possible so that developers can independently develop and publish applications on the marketplace. In other words, for a creation process that is closer to self-service.

Want to learn more about our new App Marketplace? Complete the form here.

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