WhatsApp Business is great to serve customers because of the proximity it generates with the user. But you must do it quickly and this means is ideal for it. Discover specific examples of how you can use it in your business.

Are you taking your first steps in WhatsApp Business and still don’t know how to use it to serve your customers fast? Do you want to know good examples to achieve a more efficient communication so that a query is cleared in record time? In this note I’m going to reveal everything you have to know about it, so you don’t make mistakes and maximize your benefits.

When you work in marketing and you have to communicate with your customers, you should never underestimate any contact route. For that reason, we all have to face at some point with a new tool that is a complete mystery for us.

That happened to me, in a way, when I had to discover WhatsApp Business. 

It is clear: I used and use WhatsApp all the time to communicate with family, friends, co-workers and even eventually with a client. But how would it be to use it for business? And how to do it through an app specifically developed for that purpose?

You know what? The experience itself was not as traumatic as I would have thought.

And I discovered that this tool can be great to provide impeccable, fast, agile customer service that allows solving any type of issue with speed. But, of course, first I had to go through a series of experiences that made me realize what it was for.

So that’s exactly what I’m going to tell you throughout this note: I’ll give you practical cases of how to serve your leads and clients according to the situation and give them a service according to what they expect. You will see that you will experience positively the fact of using WhatsApp Business.

Are you going to be left out of a form of attention that can improve your sales and give your customers a unique deal? I would give you a chance.

What is WhatsApp for Business and how can it be used for customer service?

How to serve customers by WhatsApp Business

1500 million users in 180 countries. 1000 million people use it daily. 6500 million messages are sent through this service per day. Do you find it strange that WhatsApp has had to develop an application designed especially for business?

This is how WhatsApp Business API was born, which already uses 3 million businesses and that, basically, helps you make communication in your business something much simpler.

WhatsApp Business is an app designed for small and medium businesses, which is managed in a friendly environment, doesn’t generate many expenses and is simply perfect to achieve great effectiveness when it comes to serving your customers.

The good thing is that you can operate it from the platform that suits you:

  • WhatsApp Business for PC is a total YES. Of course, WhatsApp Business on the web runs without any problem. In fact, it’s a perfect way to operate this app without any problem and making the most of its potential.
  • It’s now available for Apple. WhatsApp Business in iOs is in beta since February 2019. You can start testing it if you are a regular user of Apple.
  • You can download the APK. You can also install WhatsApp Business in APK if you are used to skipping the Store.
  • You can use it on your mobile. In any Android device it is great, since it was initially born for this system. But, of course, since February 2019, you can also use WhatsApp Business on your iPhone.

If you have not used the WhatsApp Business API yet, you will surely want to know what it is about and what I recommend is that you download it and start to try its features a bit. You will see how practical and easy it is to use. It will offer you points such as:

  • Immediacy ?‍♂️
  • Ease to generate templates. ?
  • Ability to send enriched messages. ?
  • Relevance and location to your brand. ?
  • Low costs and affordable for anyone. ?
  • Closeness and link with the user. ?

WhatsApp Business gives a lot of fluidity to communications; it is very natural for everyone and also prevents customers from cooling down.

Precisely, the speed is one of the questions that interested WhatsApp the most when releasing its API. To such an extent that they charge you for reply messages that take more than 24 hours.

That’s the way it is. To keep WhatsApp Business as an agile and immediate response means, companies that take more than a day to respond to their leads, pay for their messages.

That’s why with Zenvia Conversion you don’t run any risk of being sanctioned by WhatsApp Business nor will you have to pay extra charges for delaying your messages. Simple: it helps you in everything you need to overcome this “challenge” that WhatsApp puts you to accelerate and don’t take too long to respond to the leads. You can do it in a very short time.

And why can you do it faster through Zenvia Conversion? For these reasons:

  • The app assigns the first person you have available to the contact that arrives on WhatsApp.
  • You have customizable templates that are included in the app and that will help you to respond immediately, even when you don’t have much time.
  • The app automatically registers all the necessary data of the client, so the representative doesn’t have to waste time entering them.
  • In addition, through the Zenvia Conversion dashboard you can know the time it takes for each agent to complete the sales process, as well as a detail of their activities, which can help identify problems and improve their performance.
How to serve customers by WhatsApp Business

For that reason, I’m going to show you some cases where you can use WhatsApp Business that gave me excellent results when it comes to contacting users. Because in this medium communication comes first.

Pay attention to these practical examples to respond quickly and effectively to your customers!


If you work with a booking system, whether for real estate, temporary rentals or simply because you offer your services by the hour, nothing better than using WhatsApp Business to manage it.

Suddenly you receive an order to book a rental for a week between such and such a day. You look at the availability of your dates and respond with an affirmative or negative template.

In the case of the positive one, you reply that the availability is correct and you send it directly to a place where you can confirm the reservation or take it yourself (or your staff).

On the other side, you can answer that those days are busy, but you can get other alternatives available in the area during the same dates, or simply the days and/or hours that you do have available.

klm whatsapp customer service

Order tracking

Think about this situation. You sell organic cosmetic products online, you manage your sales website as well and you have provided WhatsApp as a customer support channel, because you manage with Business.

A customer is not getting her order and wants to know where it is. What do you do? You simply look for the tracking number in the logistics company for which you have sent the product, shorten the url and send it the link so you can know the status of the order.

In the message, in addition, you tell her an estimated time of when it might be arriving, according to what is inferred from the tracking and your usual delivery times. Done: you have solved something important in a matter of minutes.

Complaints or modifications

Nobody likes to receive complaints, but you may have had a product that arrived defectively. It’s very important to respond quickly in these cases, since the reputation of your business is at stake. Or would you like people to think that you lose your bearings when there is something you sell that is not right?

In that case, the first thing you will do is send a message lamenting about the incident, offering to replace the product or simply to solve the problem in question. You can also give the option of a call or contact by voice message (always with previous authorization of the prospect) so that I can tell you more about it.

The client will feel protected and will see that you are on their side. Then you’ll talk about the process of replacing the item in question or the solution of the problem itself, which will surely come to fruition. But it is essential that you reply quickly, something that you can clearly achieve with WhatsApp Business.

Sales in general

Of course, any type of sale can be managed with a quick contact by WhatsApp Business. You receive the interest of a prospect, which is willing to buy a new set of kitchen furniture for your home. You respond with a welcome message, tell him the options you have available and even send him the quote of what he wants to buy.

Finally, you will have to handle the sale as you have to arrange a visit to the physical store, or refer the customer to make an online purchase.

But if you have responded with speed, the chances that they will materialize believe me, will increase: responding quickly makes customers doubt less and see that you are interested in answering their concerns, not only in what you want to sell your products. And so the numbers claim.

A study conducted by Lead Connect explains that the chances of making a sale increase significantly if it is answered within the first 5 minutes. And that 78% buys from the first one who contacted and answered him. Do you think it’s not much?

Internal communications

Think about the arrival of a WhatsApp query that you can’t attend immediately on your line. Then you respond with a predetermined template, always keeping the speed in the answer in mind as paramount.

The next step will be to refer this prospect to another person in your line who can address this lead and deal with your query.

Communicate internally effectively and quickly is something that will help you realize more operations.

For that reason, at Zenvia Conversion we have thought about how to help you to realize these businesses. This is how, since you attend the prospect, you have the opportunity to refer the order to the indicated seller, following the steps of the sales chain that you usually use.

Sharing content

Do you specialize in sharing web content? Do you have a blog section on your site where you complete the information about your services and products? Sharing this through WhatsApp to your users is an excellent way to keep them hooked and to get to know you more.

If you have received a question that can be answered with some content from your blog, you comment briefly on your answer and invite you to read the entry you have written so that you can clarify much more about this issue.

While it is something that doesn’t work in immediate cases, it’s a very interesting support for your customers and users in general.

Promotions and offers

If you have launched a series of offers and promotions to the market, you must be prepared to attend to the prospects with speed. Keep in mind that you want something that is probably in limited stock or that does not last many days in discount. This is how you have to speed up the answers.

For this purpose you already have to have prepared special response templates for that discount. In them you can specify a welcome message and, then, directly give the payment option, the delivery method and other issues. Also, label the contacts directly with said discount to have a follow-up of the statistics of the promotion later.

Delivery Management

It is not the same case that I was telling you about the tracking of orders that travel through a mail system and probably between several kilometers away. Here I am telling you how it would be used in case you have a food store, drinks or anything that requires a delivery in a short time.

Imagine that you have an Arab food store and you get an order for a couple of falafels, a portion of hummus and two baklawa. You respond instantly, you ask if they want to pay online or at the time of delivery and you send the estimated time of delivery.

If the clients want to make a complaint because you are taking a long time or you were wrong with an item of the order, they can simply contact you through this same route and you will solve instantly. Without having to waste time on calls and with all the information that’s registered in writing.

Satisfaction enquiries

Another excellent customer service option for WhatsApp Business that you can put into practice is to know how satisfied it was. When your buyer notifies you that they received the order, you can refer them to a brief online survey. Or just have a template to ask how satisfied you were once you received your purchase.

Was it all you expected? Did you think the product was good? Did you have it in the time you expected? They are all things that the leads can answer you and that will help you to improve your service in general lines.

Some companies that are using WhatsApp Business to serve their clients in one of these ways:

  • Uber
  • Wish
  • Netflix
  • KLM
  • BookMyShow
  • Hellmans
  • Booking.com
  • Melia Hotels
  • Coppel
benefits whatsapp business

Through Zenvia Conversion you can solve all these issues without any problem. By allowing you to integrate WhatsApp into your entire omnichannel communication system, you will get many more benefits, receiving notifications on the spot and being able to give them that prompt response that leads demand.

But that’s not all. Through their acquisition by Zenvia, Zenvia Conversion (previously Sirena) has become one of only a few official WhatsApp official partners. That means that with Zenvia Conversion there is zero risk of being sanctioned by WhatsApp Business, and you won’t end up having to give credits for delayed responses.

Remember, once again: every quick response to a query, is a possible sale or a customer who is satisfied and can make purchases again.

Tips to quickly assist your customers on WhatsApp

I never tire of repeating it: more than 70% of people prefer to interact with a company through a chat or messaging service before receiving a call from it. Is it necessary to continue insisting on giving more relevance to a call center than to contacts by chat?

You have already seen a few cases in which you can use (a lot) the use of WhatsApp Business to serve customers. Now it’s time to follow some “rules” to answer quickly and effectively.

Whether you answer personally, or if you do it with a chatbot or your support staff, the key, always, is to try to maintain a fast response time.

Before 10 minutes it would be ideal. Give them a welcome message, greet them cordially if you have already contacted them, resolve their doubts, and answer their concerns. Any positive and successful contact is a favorable signal for your company.

  • Have many templates ready. You have no limits when doing them and you can have as many saved as you want. And you don’t know how useful they are to be able to respond quickly and well.
  • Enable notifications. As stupid as it sounds, keep your notifications enabled. If possible, with the sound on. As for there to be no doubt that you are receiving messages that you must answer.
  • Prepare your chatbot. If you are willing to use a chatbot to respond to your customers quickly when you are not on duty or overflowing, make sure you generate texts that are as human as possible. Nobody likes to feel like they are talking to a robot.
  • Don’t forget to have someone to reply. While chatbots and automated communication is perfect, sometimes you will need a real person to reply. It’s ideal to have this option at least at some point in the day.
  • Avoid sanctions. Never leave messages for the next day or SPAM. These are two practices that WhatsApp Business penalizes.
  • Create away messages. If you don’t attend between certain hours, don’t hesitate to have an automatic response message for when you are not available, clearly indicating what time you return. You can also specify this in your profile.
  • Don’t use the same personal phone. It can bring you many headaches. And there is nothing good about not responding when customers see you or have been online. Everything by their side.

And, please, don’t ever forget what you should NOT do in WhatsApp Business, which is as much or more important than everything that I just told you to serve your clients and the specific examples that you have already seen in advance.

Remember that while I indicated a time of 10 minutes as reasonable, using Zenvia Conversion can get to reduce the response time of each seller to 7 minutes. And you can work focusing WhatsApp Business also among the integrated communication systems that we propose.

This is due to a system that assigns the lead to the seller with the greatest availability at that moment, no matter which way it comes.

CONCLUSIONS: why WhatsApp Business will revolutionize customer service

Why WhatsApp Business is the trend in customer service

What has been said: I made some mistakes that made me realize what I didn’t have to do in WhatsApp Business. But I finally managed to be aware of how I had to serve clients according to the situation. And I had to do it fast.

Please, don’t think that using this API is something exclusive to the North American or European market. There are currently 120 million WhatsApp users in Brazil. In Mexico, 91% of social network users use this messaging app.

Realize that it’s a very common medium for everyone and, as such, you can also adapt it to your business.

Obviously, nothing is guaranteed and maybe in your business some of the things I told you that would work don’t go so well. And vice versa: something that I discovered as bad, maybe it is not so bad. But, whatsoever, WhatsApp Business has come to stay and you shouldn’t stay out of its benefits, which will be more and more.

Of course, and as I always tell you, don’t always close to a single option and keep all the channels open. They come with all systems such as RCS or Apple Chat and you shouldn’t stop exploring them when their time is right.

In the meantime, you can already enjoy the possibilities provided by your customers through WhatsApp Business:

  • Quick contact with closeness to the customer.
  • Immediate management of problems such as changes in orders or defective products.
  • Better internal communication between the members of the company to generate sales.
  • Management of promotions, events, offers and direct sales without problem.
  • Track shipments and order status.
  • A super friendly environment in which you can include images, emojis, cool and direct language.

And don’t forget: Zenvia Conversion stands out as an app that allows you to easily manage sales and serve your customers as quickly as they demand. Including those that come to you through WhatsApp Business.

Dare to communicate every day better and faster with your customers to boost your sales!

You must also go through the experience of serving your customers by WhatsApp Business. You will see that they will be extremely satisfied.

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