What is the Official WhatsApp API for?

Do you know the power of the official WhatsApp API? In this article we’ll tell you how it can help your business.

Do you know about the power of the official WhatsApp API? We’ll tell you about the advantages of using the WhatsApp API in this article.

API oficial de Whatsapp

What is the official WhatsApp API?

The official WhatsApp API is one of the most useful tools for integrating your communications. The Application Programming Interface (API) allows you to integrate WhatsApp with other tools or  create automated processes for your communications.

In short, the WhatsApp Business API is a series of rules that developers use to integrate with other apps. As a result, if you connect an app that isn’t integrated with the official API it could result in your WhatsApp account being blocked.

You can find detailed information about the WhatsApp Business API documentation on the Facebook developers page.

Now that you know what the API is, you’ll want to know what other tools you can integrate and why the integration with WhatsApp will be useful to you.

What is the WhatsApp Business API for?

According to a survey conducted by Facebook, use of messaging to contact businesses has grown exponentially, especially in emerging markets.

76% of survey respondents in Brazil reported that communication via messaging app helped them feel more trust in a brand. Similarly, one in two people surveyed consider sending messages to be a modern way to communicate with businesses.

This process, which started a few years ago, accelerated rapidly in 2020. This makes WhatsApp a necessary channel for businesses to keep in contact with their consumers and to close sales.

The WhatsApp API allows you to expand WhatsApp’s features, as well as add new features that are only available with the official version:

Integration with other tools

As the volume of clients increases for any business, it becomes necessary to use some form of software  to help organize the incoming information, whether it is for managing leads, new clients, or contacting regular clients. But they also implement them to organize all the communication channels a business may have: Messenger, Instagram, web site, and as you’ll have guessed, WhatsApp.

With the release of the official API, you will have the necessary permissions for the information received via WhatsApp to be managed by your CRM or for your customer service agents to respond to multiple contacts using the same account.

Information distribution

The possibilities for outgoing messages is one of the major advantages that the official API offers. Thanks to this feature, you can create distribution groups to keep your clients up to date on the latest news about your business.

You can create a newsletter, send updates about changes, new products, new services, send catalogs, give alerts about medical shifts, and send surveys, among other things.

This allows you to position yourself in a more active role in communications and not have to depend entirely on incoming contacts to be able to send information. By being more present in your clients’ lives, you will improve engagement as well as brand recognition.

Message automation

One of the most significant issues when it comes to improving customer service is being able to respond to all incoming messages.

Given that humans can only respond to so many messages, and that a customer service team has only so many employees working on a given schedule, it’s impossible to respond to every message the moment it comes in.

However, thanks to automation, it’s possible to set up welcome and goodbye messages for new messages. Or, if you want to get a little more advanced, you can even implement a chatbot that will be available to answer messages at all times (each company will need to develop its own chatbot).

With these features, you can digitize your business and be where your users are.

Starting to make the most of the interface is as simple as hiring a solutions provider.

Get the WhatsApp Business API

To use the official WhatsApp API, you need to sign up wth an approved provider. Zenvia Conversion, thanks to our fusion with Zenvia, is on the list of official providers.

How to activate the WhatsApp API

Zenvia Conversion will take care of managing the necessary processes to activate your Facebook Business account and verify your WhatsApp account. That way you only need to worry about starting to use the new platform where all your communication channels and processes will be unified.

What other benefits do you get when you sign up with Zenvia Conversion?

Zenvia Conversion Bots

Our exclusive bots will allow you to set up automated messages, transfer the conversation to an active customer support agent, and save conversations. No programming knowledge is required, just think of what  answers you want to give your clients and you can get started using it.

In addition, when you implement the API, incoming client messages cost less than usual.

Outgoing messages

To use the outgoing messages feature, a business needs to create templates that will need to be approved by WhatsApp. Zenvia Conversion will automate the process and also offers templates ready for you to edit or send..

Customizable buttons

Add customizable buttons to your web site so your clients can contact you in just one click. This feature lets you leave contact forms behind and make the contacting you easier and more direct.

Shared and exclusive inboxes

With Zenvia Conversion you can use an exclusive inbox for agents who have a specific client portfolio. You can also use a collaborative inbox, which is useful for teams that need to collaborate to resolve issues.

Want to learn more about the API implementation process? Start now with Zenvia Conversion and take your business to the next level. 

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