What is Microsoft Dynamics CRM and How Does it Integrate with WhatsApp?

Learn how you can integrate WhatsApp with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, one of the most widely used CRMs on the market.

Optimizing your business communications and making your Marketing, Sales, and Customer service departments more efficient is one of the main priorities for companies in this era of hyper-digitalization. Learn how you can integrate one of the dominant client management tools in the market

What is Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a packet of business management tools developed by Microsoft for customer relationship management, with a focus on marketing, sales, and customer service. It has been updated multiple times since it was launched in 2003, and current has four plan types available (Teams, Professional, Enterprise, Service Provider) and a cloud model so that data is backed up and available at any time.

It allows you to integrate various third-party software platforms, including WhatsApp, to add access to the most commonly used tools on the market.

In short, it allows businesses to automate and simplify their commercial processes and client relations, making their processes more efficient and saving on costs.

How does the integration between Microsoft Dynamics and WhatsApp work?

Integrating Dynamics CRM with WhatsApp allows companies to obtain valuable insights for  the business and to document them all in one place. The integration between these two platforms is free and allows you to  host and instantly manage text messages, chats, calls, and file attachments.

But you must fulfill certain requirements before you can start using the two tools together.

Requirements for integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM with WhatsApp

Before you will be able to integrate Dynamics with WhatsApp, you will need Twilio and D365 Omnichannel. Once you have these two tools, you will need to set up Twilio and grant it access to D365 Omnichannel.

Once they are connected, when a channel comes in through any of your various channels, a WhatsApp message will be sent to the customer service agent, who can accept or reject the contact. Additionally, the use of Dynamics  adds multiple benefits for businesses.

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics

There are 3 main benefits of Dynamics CRM:


Thanks to its cloud model, this CRM allows you to scale your business easily and without a major investment in servers, infrastructure, and labor to install and maintain them.

It integrates with multiple departments

The marketing, sales, and customer service departments can work together in one workspace and keep all their data synched, making the flow of work between teams more efficient.

It’s backed by an international company

Obviously, in this day and age everyone has heard of Microsoft and their various products (Word, Excel, Power Point).

Disadvantages of using Microsoft Dynamics

Despite the benefits of the software, some of the aspects of Dynamics can still present challenges for its full use:

It requires additional tools to integrate with WhatsApp

As we explained earlier in this article, to be able to integrate the Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you will need to connect using Twilio, unlike other solutions on the market that include a CRM and integrate with multiple communication channels all in one place.

Regular user experience

According to multiple users of the CRM, the user experience on the platform is not always ideal. For example, a user may have to repeat the same question multiple times or complete the same process multiple times in order to use the CRM. Or, in other cases, the windows have an internal scroll that makes navigation confusing.

In summary, although Microsoft products in general are easy to use and applicable to multiple departments and millions of businesses, the CRM lacks usability for small and medium businesses.

But there are solutions on the market that are concerned about providing an excellent user experience and ensuring that their features are adaptable to communicate with the broad range of different markets.

Why is Zenvia Conversion an alternative to Microsoft Dynamics with WhatsApp?

Having a tool that allows you to centralize your various communication channels and host the information generated from client contacts has become key not just for fluid workflows between departments in a company, but also for making remote work more efficient.

Zenvia Conversion offers a platform that can connect to Facebook Messenger, Instagram Messenger, and WhatsApp, and provide tools to businesses to increase their conversions and communication with clients, such as:

  • Shared inbox
  • Special inbox for sales
  • Bots for message automation
  • Integration with the most popular tools (Zapier, PayPal, MailChimp, Salesforce, among others)
  • Automatic messages to inform clients about service wait times
  • Outgoing distribution messages
  • Integration with Shopify and TiendaNube
  • Send quotes in just a few steps
  • Automatically generated reports

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