What are Official WhatsApp Partners?

Learn more about official WhatsApp commercial partners and how they can take your WhatsApp communications to the next level.

An official commercial WhatsApp partner is responsible for creating and managing features for WhatsApp Business. Learn more here!

Technology and communication are the basis of modern business, bringing news at dizzying speed. The star of the moment is WhatsApp, with all its features and possibilities.

It is impossible to sit this movement out, but leaps forward in productivity must have quality and security. The application has a series of rules and guidelines for use that are very specific.

This is without a doubt WhatsApp’s moment in the business world. However, to step confidently into this new territory, it’s first necessary to get to know a new entity: business solutions providers for WhatsApp Business.

WhatsApp is on every device

WhatsApp’s numerous characteristics and features have elevated the app to the level of an indispensable communication tool. Everyone uses the application to communicate and be part of groups of families, friends, and colleagues.

With time,  businesses realized the potential commercial power of this tool. And, of course, product developers as well. Out of this realization came WhatsApp Business.

WhatsApp Business arrived to satisfy the communication needs for businesses of all sizes. Therefore, it was necessary to create strategies that would allow the application to integrate with service platforms.

The solution came with the WhatsApp Business API, which allows for numerous ways to take advantage of WhatsApp to optimize processes and reduce costs. At this point, the importance of an official WhatsApp Business partner is already clear.

Using the WhatsApp Business API in commercial strategies

WhatsApp personal and WhatsApp Business are free communication apps that allow you to send all kinds of media. The difference is rooted in the variety of resources and the ability to share, classify, and automate messages.

However, the WhatsApp Business API goes a step further: it allows you to integrate exclusive features for businesses that the official WhatsApp Business version doesn’t have. This is how official providers create features that strengthen WhatsApp’s results.

Why trust an official WhatsApp commercial partner

When we talk about companies, we also refer to the corporation’s brand and image. A communication resource must comply with the norms and standards that will strengthen and add value to the business’s activities.

Therefore, this whole variety of tools and services must be used in the service of productivity, but also the company’s credibility. This is only possible with the structure of an official WhatsApp commercial partner.

To work with the WhatsApp Business API, you must have a platform that will allow for the integration. Additionally, the developers must be qualified and trained to make the most out of their resources.

This means that a solution for development, management, and creation must be developed that depends on a WhatsApp official partner.

In fact, this is what will allow WhatsApp to integrate with different systems, optimizing the app’s performance.

What are the advantages of having an official WhatsApp commercial partner?

First, an official provider has a specialized team to put the WhatsApp API into practice. At the same time, they maintain a platform that allows you to reach users on a large scale.

In addition to these differences, official partners generally offer:

  • Large-scale servers and hosting
  • Support and development
  • Security in sending and receiving messages via use of encryption and HTTPS protection
  • Real-time monitoring of conversations, with reports of essential information for managing communications on WhatsApp
  • Ability to send a large quantity of messages

In short, the commercial WhatsApp partner is responsible for creating and administrating the business’s WhatsApp account.  For that, they have the resources, training, and approval of the application provider.

At this point, you might be wondering, is it worth it? What are the advantages of using the WhatsApp messaging API for a large or medium business?

The WhatsApp Business API does all that?

The WhatsApp Business API allows medium and large companies to implement an automated, quick, and effective service. And what for? To generate an exponential growth in sales. Among the advantages of the WhatsApp messaging API you’ll find:


The WhatsApp Business API promotes large-scale reach, leading to growth in the number of leads and clients.

Automated responses

It allows for the configuration of custom Automated responses, reaching the client wherever you are. At the same time, it makes communication available when and how the client needs it, to help, resolve issues, and provide support.


An official partner with access to the API eliminates the risks that your account might be blocked for breaking WhatsApp’s user rules, as can happen with unofficial applications such as GB WhatsApp.

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