We’re evolving: here’s the new Sirena interface

Introducing the new Sirena interface. We’ve made some changes to better adapt to our clients’ needs!

We created a new Conversations section that adapts to what our clients need to access incoming inquiries from different channels. Updates will be made gradually across each device.

“We constantly evolve” is one of our fundamental values. And the app evolves with us. That’s why we have designed a new interface.

This new design simplifies access to conversations and organizes the elements to help agents and administrators work in a more agile way.

But above all, it solidifies changes that show the path we want to follow.

Our analysis shows that clients connect Sirena with WhatsApp. They don’t consider Sirena a conversational platform in the broad sense.

Right now we already support messages via Facebook Messenger, and we’re looking to expand. That’s why we changed out “WhatsApp” section to “Conversational Channels.”

The same thing happened with integrations. Now we’re calling them “Apps”

But this isn’t just a name change: we plan to have an app market within Sirena, allowing businesses to install and uninstall apps that connect to Sirena as needed, quickly and intuitively.

We are always analyzing how clients are using our product to create new functionalities that fit their needs.

Today we know that speed is fundamental to customer service. That’s why we made a tool that allows you to communicate with all your contacts in the most efficient way possible. We work daily to make Sirena better, and that means evolving with and for our clients.

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