CALLBELL: How does it work?

Callbell is a CRM you can use with WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. What are the pros and cons of this solution?

Are you looking for a CRM for WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger? We’ll help you decide whether Callbell is right for you.


What is Callbell?

You’ve probably heard of Callbell if you’re looking for a solution to communicate with your clients via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

The company offers software that allows you to centralized different messaging channels. This integration creates a collaborative platform where your teams can interact with various conversations occurring simultaneously.

Free Callbell?

You don’t have to download Callbell to start using it. You can simply go to the Callbell website and create a free account.

You’ll get a free seven-day trial. During that time you can get a sense of the platform and some of its features. Later, if you don’t buy the Premium plan, you lose access to several features.

What are the advantages of using Callbell?

To begin with, Callbell offers a free seven-day trial and offers quick install, which consists of pasting the code into the page or platform you want to integrate. They have an unofficial integration with WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram.

They also have a mobile version, accessible for both Android and iOS. This allows your team to respond to client contacts wherever they are.

Creating the account, installing Callbell on your platforms, and even downloading the app will be very quick.

But is speed necessarily good? As Napoleon said, “dress me slowly, I’m in a hurry.” Which brings us to the following question:

How does Callbell work with WhatsApp Business?

Based on Callbell’s required guidelines for the WhatsApp web integration, you can see that there are quite a few disadvantages in using this application:

  • Your telephone must ALWAYS be connected: not just to the internet, but also with the screen on. Given that the Callbell integration with WhatsApp isn’t official, you must always stay online to avoid problems with the system. That means you’ll need a dedicated device just to use for Callbell.
  • You have to download additional apps: you’ll need to find another application to keep your display active. In this video, Callbell recommends an app called Keep My Screen On for this.
  • If you’re using the basic plan and you disconnect from the internet at any point, you’ll use all your information. It will take almost an hour to recover all your conversations.
  • You CAN’T activate energy saving mode: this condemns your device to a short battery life, forcing you to keep it plugged in, which keeps your mobile device from being, well, mobile.
  • You can’t integrate more than one WhatsApp phone number or more than one Facebook page with Callbell. That means that if you have different numbers for different  areas of your business, or different pages for different departments, forget about using Callbell.

On the other hand, since they don’t have an official WhatsApp integration, you won’t have access to certain advantages reserved for official partners.

Although switching to the Premium plan could seem like the simplest solution to the problems we’ve mentioned, it doesn’t offer much more than the elimination of the Callbell logo  and technical support.

Callbell Pricing

In addition to not contributing to any substantial improvement, the basic plan costs 14 euros per agent per month.

If we add that to the price of WhatsApp, that’s 25 more euros. And if you want to use the WhatsApp Business API to use the functions that are necessary for a modern business, the initial cost of using Callbell shoots up another 50 euros more (not counting extra cell phones and cell phone plans you’ll have to buy to start using the platform.)

So if you want to use Callbell for yourself and your agents, you’ll pay 92 euros or 109 USD, not counting extra costs like phone bills and the initial investment you’ll have to make in mobile plans for your agents.

At this point, you’re probably wondering whether there’s a better option out there!

The alternative to Callbell: Zenvia Conversion

With Zenvia Conversion, you’ll have an official integration with both WhatsApp Business and Facebook Messenger. What does that get you?

  • Instant processing of official message templates from WhatsApp Business API.
  • The security of knowing that you are in strict compliance with WhatsApp’s policies. That means there’s no danger that your account won’t be blocked, or that you’ll lose information due to sanctions.
  • You can turn your phone on and off and use it anywhere. You’ll never lose your conversations if you lose internet connection, and you can use Zenvia Conversion on the same phone you use every day.
  • You don’t need to download other apps to use Zenvia Conversion. Zenvia Conversion allows you to respond to your clients in WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger because it integrates seamlessly with the applications.
  • You can integrate  several WhatsApp numbers and multiple Facebook pages to Zenvia Conversion. If you want a dedicated line for administration, one for sales, and another for customer service, you can have it.
  • It’s cheaper! Zenvia Conversion plans start at 99 dollars total, for you and two agents.
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