Take your Team Communication to the Next Level with a Shared Inbox

Shared Inbox for WhatsApp can improve how your team collaborates while working remotely and drastically reduce response times.

Shared Inbox is Zenvia Conversion‘s answer to the challenge of working collaboratively in this time of remote businesses. I’ll tell you how a shared WhatsApp inbox can make your team more efficient.


At Zenvia Conversion we are always working with one eye on what the market demands from an app. We are always listening and analyzing what clients need, what types of businesses work with us, and how we can help them.

These conversations help us understand how Zenvia Conversion is helpful and how it still isn’t.

Finding that gap, that distance between what we do well and where we need to improve is a project we are even more focused on during these times.

Today we know that businesses are having difficulties above all because of what has happened as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic: businesses are working remotely and need to be able to collaborate in a much more cohesive way than they had been previously.

In our analysis with clients we saw that there are infinite variables that customer service and sales teams use to organize themselves. Some companies have channeled sales, where sales agents earn commission on each sale and each agent has their own client list.

But many others also have collaboration between the various departments. Sometimes a salesperson needs someone from financing to help them answer a question, or maybe a different member of the team with different knowledge can  lend a hand.

Sometimes, and this has a major impact on the end consumer’s experience, an operator responds to a customer at the end of their shift, leaving the customer waiting  until the agent returns to work the next day.

These types of situation are become more and more common. We know that we  need many more tools for collaboration management, closed systems. So we got to work.

Shared Inbox: the first shared inbox for WhatsApp

In record time we developed a feature that allows people to respond to WhatsApp inquiries collaboratively, allowing  colleagues to support each other in responding to messages.

For example, in the case of a shift change, an agent can pick up the conversation where the last person left off. This means less waiting for customers, a better experience for them, and better use of resources for your business.

The case of a shared sale, for example, people need to be able to collaborate and to be able to help another person close their sale. Our goal is for people to be able to help each other in order to provide better service.

But above all, we believe that Shared Inbox is an INDISPENSABLE tool for post-sales or support departments. Businesses generally have a steady stream of people asking questions or looking for help in these departments. Shared Inbox allows to handle a large volume of these messages without categorizing them to specific agents, making sure no message goes unanswered. Each agent can collaborate on conversations to help close them much more quickly.

Response times: why they are more important now than ever

These days we know that in just seconds people will contact another company if they don’t get a response. We can’t depend on an agent’s response time to win a customer.

Often companies with excellent customer service beat companies with better products. Service is a differentiator, which is why we need to provide solutions instantly. WhatsApp now allows us to respond to customers instantly: with a whole team monitoring messages it is much easier to create an optimal client experience.

Customer needs change, and we follow that rhythm. Shared Inbox is part of this philosophy. We have started a new habit: every time the market or circumstances require a new way to operate, we will develop the best way to help.

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Nahuel Gomez