Send WhatsApp Messages Risk-Free: presenting Zenvia Conversion Broadcast Messages

Our new broadcast feature allows you to send hundreds of messages without risking being banned for sending spam.

As you’ve probably seen, many businesses offer bulk WhatsApp messages. But most of the applications they use don’t comply with WhatsApp  policies, meaning you run the risk of being blocked by the app. In this articles we’ll explain how Zenvia Conversion’s latest launch allows you to automatically send bulk messages without risk of being banned.

Did you know that WhatsApp business must approve the first message you send to a client before you send it?

That’s because since WhatsApp launched their Business version they have maintained a strict policy of avoiding spam on their app. That’s why, for a first contact, or any time you are re-contacting a customer more than 24 hours after their last message, you must use a pre-approved template.

WhatsApp imposes these conditions because Facebook, their owner, wants to protect their users. It also allows them to make sure communications aren’t misleading or invasive. So…


How can I send mass messages using WhatsApp approved templates?

Zenvia Conversion manages these templates for you, thanks to an official integration with WhatsApp via their API.

Sending bulk messages with Zenvia Conversion allows you to use a message that has been previously approved by the WhatsApp team. This means that you can select a template and send it to up to 500 clients every day.

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