How to Sell on Instagram: tips for success!

Selling on Instagram is essential. Here we present tips for successful sales on the app.

In this article you’ll learn more about the advantages of learning to sell via Instagram.

We don’t have to look far ahead. The number of active users on Instagram will reach more than 188 million in Latin America.

But did you know that most users on Instagram follow at least one business? In other words, people aren’t there just to follow friends, family, and celebrities.

On top of that, almost all the users use Instagram to search for products and services. That means that neglecting to sell on Instagram would mean ignoring that clients spend a lot of time on the app, seeing your competitors as well.

Why sell via Instagram

Instagram is one of the preferred social networks for Latin Americans. Plus, you only need a cell phone and internet connection to promote your business.

Here are a few key tips for learning to sell via Instagram:

The biggest businesses in the world have a profile on Instagram: 

  • It’s possible to make sales even without investing in ads
  • Creating a commercial account on Instagram costs nothing, and you can convert your personal account to a business account directly from the settings tab. We explain how here.
  • The application provides access to statistics about  your followers

Plus, you can connect a Facebook page to widen the reach of your business.

How to start selling on Instagram

Instagram is now not just a place to share photos. The platform is a powerful tool, whether for selling products or providing services.

Businesses that have a profile on the app add value to their brands. However, selling via Instagram is much more than having a profile.

That’s why we’ve listed these 12 excellent tips for learning how to start selling more on Instagram.

1.Know your audience

Any Digital Marketing strategy for Instagram depends on this knowledge. Understanding the pain and desires of your potential clients propels content creation and reduces objections to buying.

2. Have a business profile to sell on Instagram

The commercial profile provides a series of features that personal accounts don’t offer.

Features like the ability to create ads, see performance reports, and add links in stories, are essential for a business.

3. Be thoughtful about the description in your biography

The information about your business has just 150 characters to attract someone’s attention. Since the bio is the introduction for your profile, it’s important to have a short, attractive sentence that describes the brand.

On top of that, it can contain hashtags related to your niche, emojis, and symbols, if needed, and a single link is allowed.

For this, it’s interesting to create a LinkTree to contain multiple links that ar relevant to your business.

This way, your followers can learn about your brand’s other channels.

4. Start selling via Instagram by configuring your store

When a store is created, the store icon will automatically appear on your profile.

Additionally, you can enable buying mode, show off your products, add tags with prices, and sell on the app.

The Store function on Instagram requires a commercial profile, a catalog of products on Facebook, or an ecommerce site.

If you don’t have an ecommerce or product catalog, you must open a account in the Business Administrator.

That will allow you to create your catalog and users will be able to see your products. And they can click and see commercial information such as name, description, and price.

5. Create a good page with product details

Describe the products with as much information as you can. For example, demonstrate what they’re used for, what problems they solve, what they are made of, and how they can be used.

A good product description is vital for making users feel more secure about making the purchase.

Plus, it reduces the incidence of returns or exchanges.

6. Good photos and videos make selling on Instagram easy

Instagram users are used to high-quality images and videos.

However, the application itself allows you to use filters and edit, to guarantee more attractive material.

People select posts that visually attract the most attention.

Therefore, in order for them to click on your product, first they must be attracted by your images.

7.  Captions are also important

The majority of people on Instagram are on the app for photos and videos and don’t want to read long blocks of text, so a short paragraph or single sentence is usually enough.

Try to end with a CTA, a call to action for the user.

8. Stories are vital for those who want to sell more via Instagram

Stories can contain photos and videos, and they are visible for 24 hours. It’s a great option for showing behind the scenes of a business or for advertising sales.

Using storytelling techniques and interaction stickers is recommended to create engagement with the audience, such as sketches and questions.

The ideal size for Stories varies from 1 to 7 frames at a time.

Advantages of Stories for a digital marketing strategy:

  • They are available in the upper part of the feed in the app
  • They allow you to track interactions such as views, profile visit, responses, and number of times shared.
  • They strengthen the relationship between the public and your business.
  • They are 100% delivered to the public and are not influenced by the app’s algorithms.

9. Make short videos on Reels and long ones on IGTV

Instagram allows you to sell using Reels, which are short 30-second videos with advanced, dynamic editing effects.

Followers can click on tags for the products to buy them or save them for the future.

IGTV now allows videos of 1 to 60 minutes in length. You can take advantage of this feature to:

  • Introduce your business
  • Resolve client questions
  • Generate credibility
  • Explain how your products are purchased and deliverdd
  • Make videos with partners
  • Excite your clients’ interest
  • Give tips on how to use your products

10. Lives are very helpful to selling via Instagram

Lives are livestream videos that can be very dynamic and contain relevant content.

Lives can include participation from interviewees, artists, and testimonials, and even useful content or quality entertainment.

Tips for making a good live on Instagram:

  1. Prepare a script
  2. Prepare scenery
  3. Pay attention to the quality of the video and audio
  4. invite other people
  5. Give advanced notice
  6. Ask questions
  7. Respond to your audience

11. Invest in ads

Investing in ads allows you to reach the right people for your business.

So try out the segmentation resources to reach the appropriate audience and attract new clients.

12. How to sell on Instagram with a good payment structure

Your store can have a complete payment system through a payment intermediary like PayPal.

That way you can receive and generate bills and issue quotes for credit cards.

You can also create a payment link and use it in your Instagram store to make payments online.

After all those tips, incredible news!

Now you can have a CRM for Instagram! This is fantastic news for businesses that invest in selling via social media.

Zenvia Conversion  is implementing a system similar to the one that they already have for WhatsApp, but this time with Instagram Direct.

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