Respond Instantly via WhatsApp with Zenvia Conversion Automated Replies

With Sirena’s automatic replies you can avoid repetitive messages, generate a unified message in your company and scale your processes. Learn how by clicking here.

An automatic reply allows you to control how conversations start between customers and your agents, and helps you avoid unnecessary delays for common messages.

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Based on constant dialog with our clients, we develop features that make their daily work easier. This time, the focus was on process automation.

We work to help companies avoid having to deal with tasks that are tedious and repetitive, freeing them up to do what really helps them grow. That’s why we’re constantly developing solutions for the most common problems.

So far this year we have presented various functionalities with an eye to that goal, from buttons for your website to shared inboxes. We listen to what’s standing in your way and act accordingly.

What processes can we automate?

In the constant back and forth with customers,  we realized that there were some key problems that we could solve for our team.

On the one hand, our analysis found that 80% of conversations began with similar messages: that is, every company has a collection of well-defined messages that they repeat in conversations over and over.

We saw that the majority of businesses have more or less pre-set welcome messages. But beyond that, they set away messages for when they are not available for customer service.

This was the inspiration that set us working on a new feature.

We created automatic messages that the team lead can compose and pre-set.

That way businesses can respond instantly, and align their communication in terms of voice and tone. But beyond that, they are assured that the clients will have the information they need, without depending on whether or not an agent remembers to tell them.

This allows companies to maintain a large number of clients in an efficient, unified manner.

If you’d like to learn more about how  Zenvia, official WhatsApp partners, can help you improve your client communications, click on the image below.


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