How to Send Quotes via WhatsApp and Close Sales

Learn how to send quotes in WhatsApp using the Zenvia Conversion platform. Send quotes in chat or as a PDF and close the sale in seconds!

In this article we’ll explain how to easily send quotes via WhatsApp using the Zenvia Conversion platform.


In a time when the virtual world is becoming more and more important, WhatsApp has become a perfect sales tool to move a company forward, don’t you think?

Take advantage of this article to learn how to send quotes using WhatsApp and to sell much more.

Making sales on WhatsApp: is it that simple?

It doesn’t even seem like work, since WhatsApp is everywhere: for conversations, for entertainment, but also for business.

After all, with all the app’s features, why not use it to close sales?

With a good plan, discipline, and organization, you just need to optimize your strategies and add up the benefits.

How to send a quote using WhatsApp Business


First, before we get to the quote, take a look at this article, which has some advice about how to start your business with WhatsApp Business.

In fact, that’s the first piece of advice: use the business version of WhatsApp.

When you use a business profile, anyone who contacts you will know that they are talking to a business.

Is your client ready? Then learn how to send a quote via WhatsApp with Zenvia Conversion

The time has come to send a quote to your client. This is a critical step, since it can be the time when you negotiate and close the sale.

First, evaluate the number of details required for the quote in question. If it’s a relatively small quote, it’s possible to attach it to the WhatsApp message itself.

If not, it may be more efficient to send a PDF file with all the relevant information.

In this area, the more complete your quote is, the fewer questions your client will have and the more agile your process will be.

Follow the steps below to send a quote via WhatsApp using Zenvia Conversion.

The Quotes App

Zenvia Conversion allows you to easily send quotes to your clients. To configure the application and use it in your conversations, simply follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to the Zenvia Conversion marketplace and search for the quotes app.
  2. Change the configuration to the “act like a user” option.
  3. Below, in the catalog section, load load the products to produce the quote in one of three ways: manually, using a CSV file, or allowing your agents to upload products to their conversations.
  4. You can also include additional fields such as email, phone numbers, or ID, to be exported as a PDF file.
  5. Now choose an image for the quote which will be the header for each quote your send. For example, you cold use the logo for your brand.

How to send a quote via WhatsApp in a chat

You can send the quote directly using the chat, as well as save it and mark it as pending for internal records, like this.

quotes sirena app

You can also send a PDF file containing the quote.

All set! Now you just wait for the client to accept the quote so you can mark the sale as closed.

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