Is FRESHDESK a Complete WhatsApp Integration Option?

Read about the advantages and disadvantages of Freshdesk and find out whether it’s the right solution for your business.

This article explains what Freshdesk is and how it’s related to WhatsApp. Learn what this service can do to improve your customers’ experience.

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What is Freshdesk?

Freshdesk is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform directed at the customer service space. It offers the ability to unify communication channels for better service optimization.

Freshdesk is one of the many products offered by Freshworks, based in California, USA. They have headquarters in India, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Australia.

How can I use Freshdesk for my business?

With Freshdesk, you have various features in one platform, allowing you to centralize the management of your business. You can see current conversations, tickets generated from customer requests, relevant details about both, and monthly reports all in the same place.

Freshdesk can integrate with WhatsApp, Facebook, your website, or E-commerce site.

Your customers just need to access any of your available communications channels and they will be connected to a centralized inbox, where an available agent can respond immediately in an organized way. Every interaction will automatically generate a ticket that will make your pending tasks more trackable.

What are the benefits of Freshdesk?

Freshdesk has a 21-day trail period.  The advantage of trying Freshdesk free is that it allows you to see how the software works for a month of work and what kind of performance it will provide for your business. This makes them stand out from other businesses who offer 7-day trial periods.

You don’t have to download the software to try it, because it is hosted in the cloud.

In addition to being an omnichannel platform, this software offers the addition option of an included chatbot.

What are the disadvantages of Freshdesk?

Freshdesk can be an interesting solution, but the implementation time and the complexity of the system can be a headache. If what you’re trying to do is create a one on one relationship with your customers via WhatsApp, it has some weak points.

Wait times

Putting off the implementation of a channel centralization and automated customer service system will just allow more time for the effects of disorganization to accumulate in your business. You may need a solution that can hit the ground running, and a system as complex as Freshdesk with such a long learning curve can cause you to lose a lot of time in implementation.

Excessive centralization

Tickets can be viewed in one central place, and conversations can be responded to that way, which means that all teams can access them. However, this isn’t ideal for businesses who want their agents to have clients organized into portfolios. Or  at least for those who want the option of choosing if they want to sort customers or respond via a shared inbox.

No multilingual support

Using Freshdesk in Spanish, Portuguese, and other languages can be  inconvenient if your team needs support in those languages. If your team is transational, using Freshdesk’s help center can be difficult  because it is not available in multiple languages.

Sirena: the choice that will build rapport with your customers like never before

Sirena offers a more complete solution for your business and your users’ experience. It doesn’t just include many of the same features as Freshdesk, it’s also easy to implement quickly with your team.

The unification of the most popular channels (WhatsAppp, Facebook Messenger, your website and e-commerce platforms) adds greater benefits which will considerably impact your business:

Hundreds of messages in just a few clicks

Sirena, through its fusion with Zenvia, manages official WhatsApp message templates through its API. You can send hundreds of these templates to your customers without running the risk of being penalized by WhatsApp.

Included chatbot

Distribute, qualify, and respond to your customers effortlessly. Sirena has their own chatbot incorporated into the platform, allowing you to save key time spent on basic tasks.

Implementation in just a few days

Don’t waste a second waiting to improve your customer service and your processes. Sirena is a conversational platform, as simple as the messaging app you already use (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger) but with a 100% commercial focus.

Technical support in English, Spanish, and Portuguese

Believe me, whenever your teams have a question, they’ll be happy to find that the Sirena support team speaks their language.

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