Is B2CHAT the Ideal CRM for WhatsApp?

Is B2Chat the best CRM to pair with WhatsApp? Learn about pros and cons.

Learn what B2Chat is and how it can help you to leverage conversations with your clients and improve your business processes.



What is B2Chat?

B2Chat is a company that offers chat center services  so that multiple employees from your business can manage interactions in a single channel.

B2Chat offers integrations with just two CRMS: Freshdesk and Zendesk. They currently provide services in Latin America as B2Chat Argentina and B2Chat SAS Colombia.

How does B2Chat work?

When you set up an integration with the CRMs, each user or client interaction with your business is converted into a ticket. This means the message is assigned an ID number that is used to manage client concerns, questions, or issues, and can be marked as closed once they are resolved. This makes monitoring and follow-up more efficient.

Incorporating WhatsApp as one of your channels of communication can radically change your conversations with customers, thanks to the addition of non-verbal elements such as photos, videos, GIf, emoticons, etc.

Plus, with the chatbot integration, your clients will get service instantly, with no time lost. The B2Chat API will make sure users are automatically transferred from the bot to a live agent when one logs on to the platform.

Is B2Chat a good multi-agent system for WhatsApp?

For your visitors, this integration will make communication more comfortable. For your business, it means better organization and efficiency when it comes to customer service and conversions.

When you integrate your channels, your agents can respond to questions and concerns (which will be assigned an ID number) in a centralized way. That way, any employee who is available can respond to the next incoming message. You won’t miss any messages just because someone is on break or away from their desk.

Information and history for each inquiry is saved on one platform so it can be monitored by all teams whenever they need it.

Are you thinking of joining the omnichannel wave? Then you’ll be happy to learn that B2Chat also has a chatbot service.

What does that mean for your business? Having a chatbot leverages your omnichannel strategy to convert it into omnipresence.

When a client sends a message outside working hours, they still receive an answer. You can set up a chatbot to respond to the most common questions or one that gathers information from people interested in your products or services.

If you’re not quite ready to implement a chatbot, B2Chat also offers automatic messages that you can set to be sent out when a message comes in.

Is B2Chat more than just a chat?

If we analyse B2Chat’s services, we see that it lacks a few fundamental features that a SAAS (Software as a Service) should have.

Reduced functionality

As we mentioned at the beginning. B2Chat allows you to integrate with certain CRMs (Freshdesk and Zendesk). The reality is that to achieve optimum functionality with a WhatsApp-integrated CRM, you will need:

  • B2Chat
  • Another CRM (Freshdesk or Zendesk)
  • WhatsApp Business

So although at first it may look cheaper, the cost goes up considerably.

Service is only available on desktop

Your teams can respond to more messages when they can access the platform wherever they are. That way they can keep converting leads even when they’re not in front of a computer.

But there isn’t currently any type of B2Chat app, so your teams can only respond while they are at their computers using the web version. Not comfortable at all.

Limited customization

You’ll see that the B2Chat service doesn’t offer custom bot creation or personalized message templates on WhatsApp.

Why does that matter? As more businesses move to an omnichannel strategy, the need to differentiate between them increases.

The more precision and distinction you can bring to your customer service and UI, the better engagement you can achieve with your audience.

The best alternative to B2Chat

Businesses are quickly adopting WhatsApp integrations to establish more direct communication with their clients.

That means it is important that you make yourself stand out from the competition. Zenvia Conversion allows you to set up chatbots to route, qualify, and respond to your customers, bringing effective processes and a conversational tone to your business in every interaction.

What’s more, by creating personalized WhatsApp buttons with Zenvia Conversion, you’ll have a simple, attractive way to encourage visitors to any of your channels to contact you with just a single click.

You can install the buttons on your website, allowing you to more precisely measure where interactions come from. This will provide additional information to help you follow up with potential clients.

It also increases the efficiency of your communications by using the multi-message feature in WhatsApp and authorized templates in the most popular messaging app there is.

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