How to Use WhatsApp on Two Computers at Once

Learn how to use the same WhatsApp account on multiple devices at the same time.

Do you have a business and want to respond to multiple clients using the same WhatsApp line? In this article, we’ll tell you how you can make that happen!

Is it possible to use WhatsApp in multiple windows simultaneously?

If you’ve ever opened a second WhatsApp web window, you’ll have seen that a warning pops up that says, “use here?” preventing you from using the platform in two windows at once.

WhatsApp have been working on a multiuser version of WhatsApp business. This feature is intended to allow people to use WhatsApp on various devices (multiple computers for example). however, no release date has yet been established for this new feature.

What can we do to resolve this problem while we wait for the new version of WhatsApp Business?

Currently there are two ways you can connect to WhatsApp web on two computers at once.

  1. You can choose to have two separate lines (clearly the less appealing option, since it’s very unusual for businesses to have more than one phone number for the same department).
  2. Or the more appealing option: use a tool that is external to WhatsApp, which integrates with the WhatsApp Business API.

Below we’ll explain the second option step by step so you can resolve this problem as well as adding several new features to your communications.

How can I open the same WhatsApp account on two computers

Before I tell you how, we’d like to make a very important clarification: it is vital that you always use an official WhatsApp API provider. Using another sort of provider can have severe consequences for your business. You can read more on this topic in our article about how to recover a suspended WhatsApp account.

You can do these steps yourself, then afterward integrate the API as another step. However, both the account verification and the API integration can take a significant amount of time and energy from your teams. On top of that, afterwards you’ll have to integrate it with a tool.

I imagine you don’t have the luxury of spending all that time.  That’s why we recommend leaving this is the hands of experts. That’s where Zenvia Conversion comes in.


How to activate two WhatsApp Business sessions on separate computers

Zenvia Conversion is on the exclusive list of official providers authorized by WhatsApp to integrate with their API.

Zenvia Conversion helps you from the very first step of configuring your account. That way you only need to worry about starting to receive (or send) messages and leave the tedious details to our experts.

Starting to use Zenvia Conversion is as simple as registering on our platform and beginning the tour.



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