How to Use WhatsApp for Delivery

Did you know you can use WhatsApp as a delivery app? Learn the best way to use the messaging service to delivery your products.

Do you own a restaurant or grocery store? Don’t trust delivery apps? In this article we’ll teach you how to make WhatsApp your business’s biggest ally.

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Why use WhatsApp for delivery over other apps?

As you know, delivery apps charge a commission of about 30% on each purchase your users make, which means you have to increase your prices too to stay profitable.

On top of that, these apps often ask you to do promotions to build awareness of their product. On the other had, if you don’t offer deals the apps make your business less visible. For users, these discounts are attractive, but it’s not sustainable for the businesses.

With WhatsApp, there are no commissions, and you decide how and when to offer promotions. We do recommend that you use the Business version of WhatsApp.

Read more here about why that version is your best option.

Using WhatsApp Business for delivery

1- Promote WhatsApp Business EVERYWHERE!

You should promote your WhatsApp Business number on all the platforms you have. That will encourage customers to contact you, widening your contact base. Here are a few ideas:

  • Put your WhatsApp number on your website. It’s important to do this with a large, obvious WhatsApp button.
  • Share it on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Directly ask your customers to save you in their contacts.
  • Use signage with your number.
  • Distribute flyers.

2- Create distribution lists

WhatsApp has a super simple way to create distribution lists. But be careful! If you send intrusive messages or message people who aren’t in your contact list, WhatsApp may classify you as spam… and your account will be suspended.?

3- Verify your WhatsApp Business account

A verified account (with the green WhatsApp check mark) gives your business more gravitas, which helps customers trust that they are going to receive what they ordered, the way they ordered it.

WhatsApp delivery Apps

You can find some tech solutions online that promise to help you use WhatsApp for delivery.

WhatsApp Ordering: this allows you to create a menu using an e-commerce platform. It also provides some basic reports.

ChatomáticoThis is a chatbot that allows you to set up answers to common questions. For example, you can include your menu to allow the customer to choose what they want. The interface is only in spanish, so if your team doesn’t speak that language, maybe you should try another options.

These apps certainly have features designed for delivery. But there’s one big issue:


And why is that a problem?

As WhatsApp explains in their policies, unauthorized independent providers who offer services through the messaging app are not in compliance with their Terms of Service.

If you work with one of these apps, it’s possible that at some point they could block your ability to send messages to your customers. Even worse, your entire account could be suspended.

This article explains in detail the risks of using apps that aren’t authorized by WhatsApp. You’ll understand why WhatsApp recommends working with authorized partners.

The definitive system for using WhatsApp for delivery

delivery whatsapp app

What if I told you there was a piece of software that:

  • Is officially authorized by WhatsApp (so there’s no risk your account will be suspended).
  • Makes it easy to send automatic messages with relevant information to hundreds of contacts a day (again, RISK-FREE).
  • Allows you to create free WhatsApp buttons for your website, no coding knowledge needed.
  • Doesn’t charge commission on the products you sell.
  • Offers reports on conversations you have with your customers (response times, messages sent, duration of the conversation, agent rankings, and much more).

That system is Zenvia Conversion, the first CRM for WhatsApp, which offers all those benefits and more:

Automated WhatsApp for delivery

Zenvia Conversion Bots is a chatbot that allows you to answer, distribute, and qualify customers who contact you via WhatsApp.

You can offer them your menu so they can choose what they want. Or let them choose their form of payment. Or even give them an order number. Whatever you want! With Zenvia Conversion bots, you decide how to personalize your chatbot.

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