How to Link Your Instagram Profile with a Facebook Page

Step by step instructions for connecting your business’s Instagram profile with your Facebook page to make the most of the tools available.

Follow these step by step instructions to connect your Instagram and Facebook accounts so you can take full advantage of the all the tools the platform offers.

What happens when you link your Instagram profile to a Facebook page?

When you opt for a professional Instagram account you will have more tools available for your communication, marketing, and sales strategies.

One of the main advantages is that you will be able to do paid advertising and distribute them on Facebook’s network display as well as Instagram. If you still don’t have a professional Instagram account we’ll tell you how you ca set it up, step by step.

In addition to paid advertising, you’ll have the following tools:

  • Centralized publications: you’ll have the option to publish your content from a single location, saving you time and reaching a larger audience.
  • Centralized payment: If you’ve already set up your preferred payment method on Facebook, Instagram will assimilate the information so you don’t have to enter  it again.
  • Sync business information: content isn’t the only thing that will show up on both platforms. You can also configure your account so that all your business information will appear exactly the same on both Instagram and Facebook.
  • Make it easier for customers to make a purchase: once you have linked the accounts, you can activate the “Buy on Instagram” so that users can see the prices of your products and access your virtual store in just one click.

How to link your Instagram profile to your Facebook page, step bu step

Now that you know all the benefits that await you when you link the accounts, we’ll explain how to do it, step by step.

First of all, you need to fulfill two requirements: you must be an administrator on both accounts, and you need a professional Instagram account.

How to connect Instagram and Facebook for ads

  1. From your Facebook page, go to settings.
  2. Select the Instagram Ads option.
  3. Click “Add account.”
  4. Once they are connected, you’ll see the name of your Instagram account and its information.

Connect your Instagram account and Facebook page to publish content

If you want to make your business activities more centralized and efficient, you can connect both accounts so that your content will be published on both platforms at the same time.

1. When you open the Instagram app, go to the settings section in your profile menu.

2. Select the Business or Creator option.

instagram profile facebook page

3. Select “Connect or create a page.” You’ll have the option to create a page from the ground up if you don’t already have one or connect one that already exists.

instagram profile facebook page

4. When the accounts are connected, you can schedule publications from Facebook’s Creator Studio or you can set up your post on Instagram and select the option to publish it on Facebook as well.

Remember that if you don’t see the Facebook page you want to connect, it is probably  because you don’t have the administrator role for the page.

To un-link the accounts, follow these same steps and you’ll see an option to remove the link.

Now you know how to connect your Instagram and Facebook accounts, but centralizing your communications is just as important when it comes to scaling your business without increasing your costs.

How to manage all your communications in one place with Zenvia Conversion’s CRM

Advertising on Instagram and Facebook will give your business more visibility, which is likely to lead to a greater volume of incoming messages about your products and services. That means it’s important for your customer service and sales teams to be well-equipped with the tools to centralize the messages and optimize your teamwork.

With Zenvia Conversion, you can connect your Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp channels on a single platform where your teams can see incoming messages in real time and even transfer clients to other teams as necessary. They will also have access to other features like:

Bots to answer messages automatically

Zenvia Conversion’s bots work as a first line of defense for incoming messages: they can both respond to pre-set questions with answers tailored to your products and services and give information about your service hours.

Zenvia Conversion also included two options to improve the purchasing experience. We added the option to give users information about wait times before they can talk to a human representative so your clients don’t have to spend a long  time waiting with no idea when it will be over.

We also included the option to activate customer satisfaction surveys so you can measure how effective the answers customers receive are and continue improving your service.

Conect your virtual store

Make your business’s post-sale processes more agile by integrating your virtual store with your communication channels. Zenvia Conversion provides a series of templates with pre-approved messages to respond to common questions: delivery status, shipping times, and more.

You can easily share information about your products, send photos and quotes in just a few clicks.

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