How to Configure your Business’s Bio on Instagram (updated 2022)

The biography on Instagram is how your business introduces itself and can be a key decision point in making a sale. Learn how to configure an effective Insta Bio.

In this article we summarize how to configure the biography for your business on Instagram to introduce yourself, attract customers, and connect with your audience.

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The biography on Instagram, affectionately known as the Insta Bio, is a very small space, but one with immense value.

The bio is where you’ll find a summary of the information about the account, whether it be personal or commercial.

The bio is in the upper part of the profile, just below the picture and the name of the person or business.

In short, it is where a visitor finds out who the owner of the profile is and what they do.

Now, think: if identity is important for a person, it must surely also be for a brand!

Business Instagram Bio

The sales process has the same structure in both physical and digital media.

So, if you want to have a store and sell on Instagram, start with the facade and the sign out front: the Insta bio!

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Your company’s bio on Instagram represents the doorway into your store.

Obviously, you want a decent facade that provides information, identifies your business, and draws the client in, right?

This is an important step for the success of your profile, since it is a decision point. In other words, this is where the visitor decides what they will do: whether they will go in, follow, and consumer, or if they will simply move on.

That means when you are creating your commercial profile, you’ll need to have everything ready to set up your bio.

But there is one significant difference between a digital and physical facade: you can change your digital storefront and add new elements whenever you want.

Get started configuring the bio for your Business Instagram  

The Instagram profile has standard information and the mini bio is a free space for the user to use.

To create your biography, log in to the app and click on the icon in the far lower right of the page. Then you can enter information by selecting <Edit profile>.

Add your profile picture, name, and user name

These are the parts of your profile that identify your business. That means you should choose carefully because they will be your introduction on Instagram.

The profile picture is circular and appears next to all your actions on Instagram, like stories and comments.

That means this is where you can put your logo and start building recognition for your brand.

The name is the way your business will be presented to your audience, and it may not necessarily be the usual or official business name.

The user name should be simple, to make following easy and increase your chances of being found.

Give information about your website

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This is where you put the famous Link in Bio, which is a powerful tool for generating traffic to external links.

You can, for example, direct users to a website, a conversion page, or any other external link.

Instagram doesn’t allow links in the main feed, and only one link in the biography.

That means it is key to use tools to organize and collect all links and the appropriate addresses.

Create a  LinkTree

A LinkTree, as the name implies, is like a tree containing multiple links you’d like to include in your bio and Instagram won’t allow you to.

In general terms, the application creates a link that is directed to an external page with various additional links. On that page, you can add everything you need, from your website and blog to profiles on other social media and landing pages.

LinkTrees can be created on the official LinkTree site, but there are various similar options that do the same thing.

Insta Bio: Digital marketing and strategies

The elements of the Insta Bio can change at any moment in accordance with your strategic marketing plan.

For example, when you launch a new product or content, for a specific event, or to highlight any news.

We recommend planning your description carefully, since the space is limited to 160 characters. Use resources like keywords, links, hashtags, special characters, emojis, and symbols.

The important thing is to concentrate the main information about your brand or business in the bio. It is the representation of your profile on social media, and often the first contact a potential lead has.

In the Bio, your audience is already starting to identify and connect with your brand. That’s why it’s important to have a description with personality, that will catch people’s attention.

Biography for sales on Instagram

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The description field in the Bio is limited, so you have to make the most of it to optimize your sales.

Describe what your business does, your purpose, and what people will find on your profile.

Take inspiration from other interesting profiles. Look for ideas and formats, and show off the essence of your business.

Institutional profiles tend to have information like:

  • Focus area
  • Brief description of the business
  • Distinguishing factors
  • Address
  • Prizes
  • Hashtags
  • Contacts
  • Email
  • Call to action

Tips for setting up a sales bio on Instagram

After changing the photo, the description, the website, and the business and contact information take a look at the action buttons on Instagram.

Activating this feature for your commercial profile can be a very intelligent way to complete your Bio.

After all, the action buttons allow your audience to interact with you directly in a practical, precise way.

For example, you can use the button options on your profile to <Order food>, <Reserve Now>, or <Reserve>.

boton de accion instagram

This is an excellent feature for restaurants or events, since it makes online ordering and reservations so much easier.

You can indicate the URL of a page and the button will be created automatically, functioning like a CTA.

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