How does WATI Work as a WhatsApp CRM?

Are you looking for a WhatsApp CRM. Check this article to know if WATI is the best option.

Have you heard of WATI? Do you know how it works? Learn more about it in the article below.

Wati Whatsapp

What is WATI?

WATI stands for WhatsApp Team Inbox. It’s a product that was developed by the company Clare.

Clare was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Hong Kong, with offices in various countries around the world.

Their services are targeted at B2C businesses.

How does WATI work?

WATI and WhatsApp are two closely-related terms.  WATI themselves highlight that they are official WhatsApp API providers. This means that when you start using WATI you’ll need to go through a series of activations for your WhatsApp Business account

WATI offers two types of product, according to your level of programming knowledge. They offer WATI CRM and WhatsApp Getaway. The first option is for non-programmers and comes completely ready to use.

If you’re not sure whether you want to start paying for WATI, you can start out with their free trial.

The advantages of WATI

WATI offers various features, which can efficiently strengthen your communications according to your company’s needs:

📌Official WhatsApp API

Not all customer-service APIs have this feature. To be able to offer it, you must be a WhatsApp official provider. Whether or not you choose WATI as your platform, this is a key element to keep in mind when you’re signing up for a service.

📌Team Collaboration

The WATI platform allows you to receive messages from your clients all in one place, where your team can see them and respond to inquiries at the same time.

You can verify what contact your employees have had with contacts and the actions your team has taken or is taking. This helps you improve your processes and continue to grow.

📌WhatsApp-approved message templates

From the same panel, you can manage relevant message templates. These templates are exclusively for clients who work with an official WhatsApp API provider.

This option will allow you to start generating more engagement and keep people up to date with news about your brand.

The disadvantages of WATI

WATI is a great product for strengthening WhatsApp communications, but in the end it isn’t quite enough.

❌Single product

It’s rare for a company to manage all their communications through WhatsApp. In general, companies have multiple communication channels such as Instagram, Facebook, email, contact forms, etc.

While you can manage all your WhatsApp communications in one place with WATI, you’ll need another CRM for the rest of your communications or to be on the alert to respond to all incoming messages on all platforms without a central way to monitor them.

Ideally, you would have one CRM where all your communication channels are integrated in one platform.

❌No dedicated inbox

A detail that is far from minor is that WATI does not have a dedicated inbox for sales agents.

Many companies need their salespeople to manage their own, personal contacts. In other words, each salesperson needs to be able to maintain their own porfolio of clients. WATI only allows you to work collaboratively. This is useful for customer service, but not for sales.

An alternative to WATI

As we mentioned, WATI is a great option for anyone who just wants to work with communications occurring on WhatsApp. But if you think that’s not the case for you, Sirena (who, thanks to their fusion with Zenvia, are an official WhatsApp API provider) can offer you a better alternative.


With Sirena, you can manage all your conversations in one place. Sirena also offers native integrations with other platforms through Zapier. Sirena also connects to other CRMs such as Zoho and Salesforce.

This means you don’t have to radically change your processes. Instead, Sirena adapts to your needs.

Multi-language support

Sirena is here to help whether your team speaks English, Spanish, or Portuguese.

Shared or individual inbox

Sirena was designed to be used in various industries, such as ecommerce, retail, education, and auto sales. That’s why you can customize your teams so that agents work with their own client portfolio, or collaboratively. You decide.

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