How Does MessageBird Work?

MessageBird is an omnichannel platform that can save you time and make your processes more efficient. Learn more about the pros and cons.

What is MessageBird? We’ll tell you what  you need to know about this platform and how it can help improve your omnichannel communication. Read more below.

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What is MessageBird?

MessageBird is a company founded in Amsterdam in 2011 that specializes in developing software to connect businesses to their clients.

They offer a platform that can unify various communication channels in one place. These channels include WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Telegram. SMS, Twitter, Slack, etc.

How does MessageBird Work?

Through their API, called Programmable Conversations they  are able to unify the different channels we listed in the point above.

Your clients just have to access their preferred mode of communication and the MessageBird platform will capture all the conversations in one place even though they come from different sources.

MessageBird advantages


MessageBird is a tool designed to be used in various industries (Ecommerce, logistics, healthcare, retail). Some of their solutions that will help you in multiple situations and increase your productivity are:

Bot development

You an automate a large number of processes thanks to their Flow Builder.

MessageBird’s FlowBuilder allows you to build flows, which means your operations (and above all, your conversations) won’t stagnate or get held up. You can  drag and drop elements to set up an action path composed of actions that should occur during a given interaction on certain platforms.

MessageBird gives you the ability to set up your own bot with frequently-asked questions. It’s a limited option (if customers ask anything outside the bot’s script it won’t be able to respond) but it is useful for saving time on repetitive tasks for your customer service agents and salespeople.

Free Trial

Fortunately there’s no need to commit to a paid plan to take a look at how the platform works. If you’re not completely certain that you want to work with MessageBird over the long term, you can choose to start with a free plan.

However, if you have an active, thriving business, the free version won’t be much use, although you can connect an unlimited number of agents  from your teams, you can only have 50 active contacts per month. Even if you’re just starting out, in a few weeks this will be practically useless to you.

MessageBird disadvantages

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You’ll only get real-time help from the installation team (limited to 20 minutes) if you sign up for the Pro plan. With all the plans below that, that feature isn’t enabled. However, once you sign up for the Pro plan, you should be aware that the support will only be in English. If you have agents who don’t speak English, this could create problems.

MessageBird Pricing

The hidden costs are another point against MessageBird. For example, once you go over the set limit of active contacts each month, the cost goes up to 0.25 Euros for each active contact within that month. That means you have to stay alert to this situation (it doesn’t sound very relaxing).

Another thorny question concerning the price is that you can only sign up as a client of the company if you are willing to commit to a 12-month plan. A full year.

 Other features

  • They don’t allow you to send mass messages. If you need that feature to send messages to a database of hundreds of contacts, you should try something else…

Alternatives to MessageBird

MessageBird is an interesting option for starting to explore options for centralizing your communications and activating the hidden potential of your teams. However, it won’t help you get very far.

Sirena will provide the support you need to make your communications more efficient and productive.

You can see right off the bat what the plan prices are, as well as the prices WhatsApp charges for the use of the API (a condition that MessageBird is not transparent about).

Some advantages you may experience if you work with Sirena include:

Bulk Messages

With Sirena, you can send messages to hundreds of contacts with just one click.

It’s much simpler  when you want to communicate with your clients in bulk.

Sirena Bots

Just like MessageBird, Sirena offers you the option to automate your communication processes. This is a key factor in the day to day operations of a business.

The vertiginous speed of conversations and activities these days make time management something that happens down to the millimeter. Your teams can’t spend their time and energy on repetitive actions. Save time and get a tool to qualify your clients in a single move.

No matter which Sirena plan you choose, this feature is guaranteed.

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